My name is Jason and I will tell you that I do not know much of my parents or what I am nor about myself. I will tell you that I am a monster. I made a deal with a demon that gave me untold strength and power; we are both in one body. I am stronger than the average human. I can take can much more beatings, can be starved; anything that human will hurt a human body. I was found somewhere that I do not know of. I was raised by the father I loved but I was taken by a place something called FBC, when I was just a newborn. They had murdered my mother and father in cold blood; of course they would never tell me that. I had found that out by the files they kept. I remained silent about the news I read and kept to myself that I knew of this. I think of a ways to escape the place but it is too heavily guarded and I'm on constant surveillance twenty-four seven. There were no files or data on me that I could find; it was like I never existed. I was raised in the institute and they force me to learn everything. I had to learn every language, every political parties, all maths, and all science; everything. I have mesmerized everything that has ever been made. If you name it, I bet I could tell you what it is and the meaning of and also where it originated from. They forced me to learn everything that was supposed to be learned. If I got it wrong or messed up, they would abuse and shock me until I was near death. This is a log I am writing about my life that I had lived and want you know about. Let's start at the FBC's school ground and how I had betrayed them.

I am sixteen and at middle school and live at the place I hate the most. I knew everything that they were teaching there. I had straight A's and am at the top of my class. I hated it. I could just do the opposite and fail but if I do that, they will abuse me. I never took notes nor studied because they had taught this to me for sixteen years. It had all started when I was brought to the FBC and when I was able to learn and know my surroundings. It took some time for to learn and get use to what they were doing to me. I was five when they had taught me everything that was to be known. They didn't care about me; all they want to do is to make their selves look good and how of an awesome job they did. I am outside with my only friend, Gerald, the only one I had made the time I was there. We were talking about school and how much it sucks. I tell him that I could be a college graduate with how much I know. Right across from me is the girl I like, Kayla. Her hair is as golden as the sun itself. Her eyes bluer than any ocean and she was smarter than any other girl there. If you rank her in the school; she would be ranked in the top one-hundred along with the teachers there; I ranked as number two. Number one is the boss of the FBC; no one knows who he is. He has people amongst people that he goes through in order to travel news or orders in order to keep his identity save. Her beauty is like no other, I wish I could ask her out but I'm afraid if I do, she will probably find out what I am; I don't want her to get hurt. I'm not even sure if she has a boyfriend yet, if she does then I wish for the best of them.

"So, Jason, What do want to do?" Gerald started off.

"I don't know." I said as I sat on top of the table.

"You're looking at her, huh?"

"Yea." I said then laid my head in the table looking at the sky.

"You should ask her out, man."

"No, I can't. Knowing her, she'll find about my past and will avoid me; especially she's Christian."

"I know, they made me read and re-read the bible when I was three. When I learned what they were, I resented ever doing that; now, there's no going back. I'm one with him; we cannot separate."

"You were just a little kid; you didn't know what Angles and Demons were. She can blame you."

"I can just tell her that you-"

"NO, DON'T!"I jump up and yelled. "I don't care even if you're her brother, please don't."

"Do you two even speak?"

"Yes, he even controls my body. I can't do a thing about it. We talk about battle plains, events, and ways to control the power but on some occasions, I can control it."

We look up and see a crowd gather around in the middle. We make our way over there and find out that there was a fight happening. I make my way in the middle to break them up. I grabbed one and he punches me in the face; that was a mistake. I chop him in the neck, knocking him out. The other boy threw a fist and I caught it. I had head-butted him making him fall. I look up and see the crowd looking at what I had just done. I had then felt like I was about to lose cautiousness but I knew this felling; HE was starting to take over my body. NO, NO YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! I yelled in my head. He hurt you, he deserves to die. He started. I'm not going to make you control me. The veins in my arms were starting to show and my nails were growing; the process had started.NO, STOP!

"Um, excuse me." Afemale voice came to my right. Without thinking, my hand flew towards the voice making three claw marks on her abdomen; it was Kayla.

I look at her as she drops down and Gerald rushes to her aid.

"YOU ASSHOLE, LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" He screams as tears run down his face while he holds his sister in his arms.

I just stand there looking at them as Gerald's weeps for his sister. LOOK, LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! I began as tears run down my face. SHE'S HUMAN, SHE WEAK AND WEAK PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE! SHUT UP! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU! NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN! WELL, THAT'S TOO BAD, WE ARE STUCK FOREVER.

Gerald gets up and heads towards me with fire in his eyes. He pulls his arm back and punches me as hard as he can. I fall back; even though that had not hurt.

"You bastard, LEAVE!" He says as he holds his and which I think is now broken.

I just stand there, not saying a thing. Teachers and students are not doing a thing. Kayla is on longer on the ground; she was picked up and rushed to the hospital by one of the teachers.

I am now surrounded in darkness; with no light in sight. There is a long moment of silence and no one had moved. Gerald was still standing in front of me crying. I can no long control my body; he is now in control. I smile as I lift my head up. My body has changed; my eyes are diamond shaped and the veins in my face and arms are showing.

"IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?" I yell and then run towards him and punched him breaking a few ribs which makes him fall into the crowd.

"HA HA! IS THERE ANYONE THAT CAN BEAT ME?" I say as I raise arms up.

YES, YES THERE IS! I reply back to him.

"Really? Who?" He asked.


He laughs uncontrollable. Even though I cannot move whatsoever, I have to get my body back.


"No, you had for too long and now I want it."

The crowd has long been disbursed. When Gerald was thrown back, someone caught him and they were gone; I was alone.

All I can see is darkness, no matter where I looked. He was in control not me. There was nothing I could do; the only thing I could was just stay back and watch what he does. I just float in the sea of darkness with nothing to do. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see light. I head for and extending my arm not knowing what it was. I was closing in on the light. Ten feet. Five feet. I am now at the light; I start to put my arm through but a hard force was forcing my arm not move. I apply more force to it; forcing my arm through then I force my head and then my body. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust and what I was amazed me; I outside of my body! How, I do not even know. I look at see my hand and I touch it; it's real. The demon that is in control of body has is jaw wide open at me. I am covered in a sticky substance that I don't know of.

"W-what the-! How the hell?"

I look up at him and I still have the power he gave me. I clutch my fist and ran towards him. He has no time to react. I make contact and I make my whole arm pierce my- no his body. He coughs up blood and falls down to the ground.

"Y-you, do you know what you have just done?" He says as he spits blood out. "By doing this, you have betrayed the FBC."

"I don't care what I did, you hurt my friends… AND I CANNOT ALLOW THAT!"

"It seems you've never learned the truth."

"Truth? What truth?"

He never answered because he had bled to death. Truth? What is there that I do not know?