Once little Emily,

She had her favourite doll,

She names the beauty Donna-Leigh,

Eyes cold and without soul,

Emily and Donna-Leigh,

Were very much alike,

The parents joyed for Emily,

Became so very kind,

The years passed by and Emily,

Cared for Donna still,

But had grown apart and grown away,

But then Emily fell ill,

Emily with shaking breath,

As her body fell apart,

And Donna could do nothing,

To ease her shattered porcelain heart.

This is really up to interpretation about how you take this. In my head I saw it as a girl, Emily, who had a younger sister called Donna-Leigh, and when Donna was born she became protective of her sister, but Donna didn't really show her love or appreciation for her sister until Emily died, and broke through Donna-Leigh's 'porcelain shell' and was able to let her show her emotions.

What did you think?