Well, I thought I'd do another funny facts for one of my The Slaves of Zachavi characters. I can't seem to write the epilogue for the story yet. I want to write but it won't flow. But keep a lookout!

'Do's and Don'ts All about Karik Forde'

1. Karik's favorite color is black.

2. Don't ask him why he wears black.

3. Don't call him Zorro. He won't appreciate it.

4. Or Make fun of his pony tail tied back with a ribbon.

5. Don't mention how Landrian made him look like a sissy.

6. He can't stand redheads. I'm sure you know why.

7. Or elves for that matter. Since of course they defeated him.

8. He doesn't like it when people call him Carrot. His name is pronounced Care-ICK!

9. After all, he is an ick and he doesn't care about others or carrots.

10. Don't mess with his knife collection. He will personally use you as a target board.

Reviews anyone?