So this poem is dedicated to my best friend, who I lost because of my stupid feelings. Her name isn't S, only beings with s, but I can't tell you the full name. It's the same girl I wrote I always will, forever and always about. Hope you like it, and please review x

Dear S,

Today we became best friends, it's something different, I've never had one before,

I was the nerd to you, you were the popular one to me, and I didn't have friends galore,

Then she was horrible to you, stopped being best friends with you, you came over to our side,

We have a lot in common, similar life stories; I have someone with me at every turn of the tide.

I feel like someone new, with you by me I can be who I want to be,

It's unbelievable that you really are best friends with someone like me.

Dear S,

We are still best friends and always will be,

But there's something that's troubling me,

If I tell you, you won't understand,

But it's the jealously that I can't stand.

Of her, you seem to be growing close,

These evil thoughts cloud my mind, making me morose,

They make me moody, you get angry, and we have those fights

All I need is for someone to understand my plight.

Dear S,

I'm getting over possessive, you say

And we stop being friends without delay,

I see you with her now, making me hate my evil side

I want you back, for you to be on my side.

Dear S,

We made up over the summer,

But it quickly became a bummer,

Making and breaking up,

Best friends, enemies, we can't make our minds up!

Some days we're planning where we'll live together,

Others we're arguing over god knows whatever,

It's a rocky time for us best friends

And at the end of summer,

We're not together.

Dear S,

This friendship was rather melodramatic,

But I desperately want it back, it won't be traumatic.

I see you every day at school with her,

I makes me want to go back and make the fights a blur,

Erase them completely, so we're still BFFLS/almost sisters,

Because it was my entire fault and I want to start it again, remove the blisters.

Dear S,

I don't stop calling you my best friend,

I will do so until the end.

But you moved on completely,

And I'm left to hate me.

I want to tell you but I can't,

So I write this poem about how I broke your heart.

Dear S,

We can no longer be best friends; I hurt you too much,

But remember if she hurts you, come back to me I'll be waiting for you do as such,

So we can be best friends again, I can tell you I'm sorry

I'll be your sister, your shoulder to cry on, anything you want don't you worry.

Dear S,

Please come back.