So um this is just a poem I wrote. Was in a really dark place when I wrote it. This poem is about escaping as you can probably see from the title. Well now I'm just rambling. Please comment anything you have to say.

The Wrong Escapes

The pestering sun gleams through the window,

Sharp bright rays decorate the room,

People declare love for warm days and sweaty nights,

I yearn for gloomy skies and heavy rain,

Or even just a shadow for me to escape.

Happy people all around,

Smiles flash around like careless cameras

Laughter is to be heard everywhere,

Bubbling like champagne.

It isn't infectious.

People ask what's wrong,

I shake my head and smile

With strained lips, narrowed eyes

It is not genuine.

But it helps me fit in.

Music is my savior,

The thumping of smirking drums,

Strums of grinning guitars,

Notes of patient pianos,

They make me lose myself.

Lyrics written by rhythmic Einsteins,

I can dream all I want.

Reality is gone,

Daydreams and fantasies take place

Just by putting my earphones on.

Old spines, wrinkled paper

A story based on illusion

It does not matter how old it is,

In any book you can change,

It's a chance to ponder the thought of a different kind

To escape to a world unlike science,

Princesses, warriors, lost lovers and even wizards

Oceans, palaces or even deserts filled with lizards

Imagination has no limit,

For non-fiction to kill it

But when the song soon finishes its melody,

And protagonist ends its mission

I am forced to exile the depths of my mind.

Music and books can only bring so much peace

Before the truth reappears.

Stabs of pain and rejection fill your veins,

Every day is a struggle,

Every day is a mountain to climb,

As I try to find happiness,

A way out of my misery and disappointment

Quick movements,

Swift and smooth

The cold sharp knife punctures at your wrist

It's all I have left to do

I feel blood prickling down.

It hurts

But it feels good

My anger and frustration are released

I feel high like I'm floating on a cloud,

But it's wrong.

Yeah so that's the end of it. I know it's a bit long but I couldn't just stop writing. :P So if you could, please review. Critisim would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't matter if you think I suck and should never pick up a pen or a notebook again. Please comment and give me feedback.

Thanks ~ BrightFuzzySocks