Hello and welcome to my first story! This all got started when I found this uber cool chibi dress up game and made myself and my friends with it! So now I'm basing it off of the chibis. This is set in a futuristic world that I created, but have no recollection of creating. My friends all know I created it, but they don't know how or why, or even how they know me. Quigley has bows in his hair because of a joke, so don't think he's homo or anything. You can review if you like, and constrictive criticism is welcomed, just please no one say anything like 'you suck' or 'this is stupid' because I am trying my best and those comments don't help anyone. Thank you, and enjoy!~

The gift of fantasy has meant more to me
than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.
- Albert Einstein

Aki sits flipping through the pages of a new journal, imagining all the possibilities that could fill the blank paper. The slight breeze plays with the strands of her long black hair, creating intricate knots and loops and hoop-di-hoops. Her red cats ears twitch at the slightest sounds, but she is so engrossed in her imaginings that she does not register the fact that a person has just approached her perch on the edge of the roof. She jumps, startled, dropping the book. Luckily, before it falls down onto the street five stories below, her hand shoots out and grabs the cover, pulling it back up as she stands and turns to face the one intruding on her solitude. Before her stands a person of average height, wearing a long white lap coat, a red shirt, and plain blue jeans. Black work boots cover their feet. The intruders hair is blond and two light pink ribbons make small tails on either side of her head. She has on round glasses, which immedialty remind Aki of Harry Potter. "Oh, hello ma'am scientist ma'am!" Aki chirps out in her light sing song voice.

"What?" the stranger's voice is low. This woman scientist was not a woman at all.

"Oh no," Aki exclaims. "I didn't mean any harm sir!"

"Don't fret. No harm done. Honest mistake."

"Um..i hope you down find this rude but..." Aki starts nervously, "but...do you always cross dress?"

At this the scientist narrows his eyes in a glare. "I'm not."

"but..the bows..."

"I didn't put them there. You did. And for whatever reason the damn things won't come off."

Aki giggles nervously. "I did?"

"Yes, but don't bother saying you didn't or frying your brain trying to remember. you don't remember, and thats the reason i'm a scientist now."

Aki blinks at the guy, her red eyes terrified. "uh..." She turns and quickly dashes away, jumping from the roof onto a window ledge, then jumping down into the crowded street below, vanishing into the throng of people much like her, with strange bodies. Some had skin covered in blue and green scales, others had swirling masks of pink that moved and undulated on their faces. And then there were those with cat ears, bunny ears, and the like, similar to Aki. Very few people looked completely normal and plain, so from the roof the scientist easily lost sight of the black haired cat-girl.

"What was that?" a voice sounded from behind the lab coat.

"She was jumpy." he replied, agitated. "Its your turn." The scientist turned around to face his comrade.

"Ha. Alright. I'm sure I won't freak her out like you did." A confident smirk covered his face and he reached his gloved hands up to place his brown steampunk goggles on his head away from his eyes. "So thats zero for Quigley. And you're the scientist. Lets see if the skillful ninja can catch the cat."

"Oh? Who is this ninja? I'd like to meet him." Quigley grinned. "Alright then, see ya at head quaters CJ. Lets hope you have her, otheriwse the boss is going to be mighty angry." Quigley walked past CJ and into the waiting doors of a sleek black hover camero. "I'll be taking the car back with me." At this he closed the door and took off into the sky.

CJ grinned and looked onto the bustling city streets of the futuristic city. He walked straight off the roof, but didn't sink to his death. Instead he simply floated down and landed lightly on his black dress shoes. The breeze, sad that Aki's hair was no longer around to play with, decided to begin to mess with the striped gold and brown tie around CJ's neck. "Hey, stop that." CJ gripped his tie and the breeze went on in searh of another easily movable object.