Pushing my hair out of my face, I wiped my mouth and leaned back against the cool white wall. I groaned as I felt more coming up. My stomach was hating me right now for my stupidity and self pity. I rubbed my stomach, trying not to be sick again. I absolutely hated throwing up and I'd already done it twice so far. The bile rose again and I quickly jerked forward toward the toilet. I barely made it, almost missing the toilet completely and letting the puke hit the floor. Luckily I turned at the last second and managed to avoid a huge mess. I moaned into the toilet, my head pounding and the smell of my sickness surrounding me. I flushed the toilet, wanting to rid the room of the smell.

I had never been this drunk before and planned on never letting it happen again. I swore that if I ever drank, it would only be one or two. I regretted letting someone force me to drink so much, but at the time it all happened I'd only wanted to forget how bad this night had turned out to be.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't come to this shitty party. It was all Allison's fault and that slut had abandoned me before the night was even halfway started. She'd been riding me a lot lately about my attitude and turning down a whole bunch of male attention. Tonight she told me that she had someone she thought would be a perfect match for me and we would hit it off. She was tired of me being single, though I didn't really mind it; especially with the guys at our school and in our senior class. They were all assholes and thought because they were rich and their parents owned half the town everyone should worship them. I'd only come to get her off my back and to give this guy a half decent chance.

When I had arrived, dressed in what Allison had called "a sexy as fuck" dress, the guy seemed like the perfect gentleman. He'd offered to get me a drink and told me a little about himself. He was new to our school and would start the following Monday. He was all into sports, and his tall, lean form showed that. His black tee enhanced his muscles in his arms and chest. I could even see some abs through the tight material. His blonde hair constantly fell into his eyes when he moved and I wanted to push it back and run my hands through it. He had me laughing and having a good time. I adored the dimple in his cheek and thought that we might really have a chance and that he was different than all the other guys. Then we started drinking.

I should have known that he was too good to be true. It was my fault for falling for his charm and not keeping my guard up. After several beers and a few mixed drinks, the guy, Andrew, morphed into a complete asshole who didn't take no for an answer. He kept constantly groping my ass and pulling me onto his lap. Each time he succeeded in pulling me onto his lap, he'd try to slide his hand up my dress and play with my panties.

I'd finally had enough and had slapped him before storming off to find Allison. When I couldn't find my friend, I started drinking to drown out the memory of the night so far and because I was pissed at my friend. When the party started coming to an end, I realized that I was a lot drunker than I'd planned to be. I could barely walk. Just as I was about to call Allison to find out where she'd gone, my stomach turned and I knew I was going to be sick. I raced to the nearest bathroom which happened to be upstairs. I'd been here ever since and had yet to gather enough strength and time to call my so-called friend.

I was stuck here, not sure where my friend was, and without a means to get home. My parents assumed I was staying at Allison's and that we were painting our nails and watching movies. They were so clueless and thought I was an angel. I felt bad that I took advantage of their naivety, but sometimes, I just wanted to be like every other teenager.

I groaned and almost jumped out of my skin when someone beat really hard on the door. I grabbed my head as the noise caused a splitting pain to go through it. "Go away," I snapped, the sound of my voice not making matters any better.

"I gotta take a piss, open the damn door," someone growled in response. I was about to tell them to go fuck themselves when the rest of the contents in my stomach ended up in the toilet. I groaned, wondering if I was finally done. I flushed the toilet again, glad to find that no one was on the other side of the door when I opened it a crack. I shut it back silently and turned toward the cabinets under the sink. I opened one and thanked the gods above that there was a washcloth in it. I wet it in the tub, not able to get to my feet to use the sink. I laid it on my head and closed my eyes, leaning back against the wall next to the door.

I'd been hoping to maybe power nap, but the music that continued to blare in the other room made that almost impossible. It was a steady beat that matched the pounding in my head. I thought my head might explode and it wasn't helping my stomach. I was never going to another party again and I was going to kill Alison when I saw her again for making me come to this one. Finally the loud song ended and a softer one came on. I sighed in relief as the pounding in my head dulled.

I must have fallen asleep because when I next opened my eyes, the music was off and the house was eerily quiet. I pulled the rag off my head, surprised it was still there. I set it on the tub to dry and pulled myself to my feet. I clicked the button on my phone, surprised to see it was only four in the morning. I noticed I had several missed calls and about ten text messages.

I slide the unlock button over and flinched as I noticed they were all from Allison. I seriously hoped she hadn't called my parents. I hit the phone button and then went to my voicemail. I put the phone to my ear to listen to the three voicemails she left me. The first one was her asking where I was and she sounded bored. That one was from around midnight. The second one was her telling my bitch ass to call her back before she beat me black and blue and called my parents. That one had been around one in the morning. The last one had been about thirty minutes ago and was slightly strange. She sounded like she'd been crying and asked me if I was mad at her and avoiding her calls. She mentioned something happening with her boyfriend and told me that she was seriously worried about me. Asking me if I was mad again, she still begged me to call her back. I groaned, wondering when she'd figure out that her boyfriend was an was when things got weird. I heard voices in the background and then Allison screamed and the phone went dead. I pulled it away from my ear and played it again.

I quickly hit send and called her back. It rang and rang until finally going to voicemail. I hung up and tried to call her again. It went to voicemail once again. I sighed, hoping nothing serious had happened. If Michael, her boyfriend, had hurt her, he'd have to answer to me.

Before leaving the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror. My makeup was smeared down my face and my face was pale. My red hair was matted to the sides of my face and my forehead. I groaned and quickly raked my hands through it, pulling it up into a ponytail. I used the washcloth to wash the makeup off my cheeks, trying to look a little presentable. I straightened my dress and then turned to leave. I kept my phone in my hand, wanting to make sure I'd feel it vibrate when Allison called me back. Before stepping out, I peaked around the door and looked up and down the hallway. No one was in sight.

I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen and living room. I really hoped no one was still awake or around. When I reached the living room I saw bodies lying everywhere. Some were snoring loudly, and only half dressed, while some were completely naked. I wrinkled my nose, wondering again why I'd come to something like this. People were crazy when they drank and stupid things happened. I averted my eyes, keeping them on my target as I stepped around people and over some. Finally I made it to the door, wondering how I hadn't woken anyone up. How people could sleep on tables and on the floor was beyond me, but I was glad it wasn't me. I opened the door and walked out, quietly shutting it behind me. It was still dark out and I glanced once more down at my phone, finding it fifteen minutes past four. I tried calling Allison once more but it went straight to voicemail. This time I left a message.

"Allison, it's me. I'm getting worried. I was sick in the bathroom earlier and didn't hear you call. Did something happen between you and Michael? Has he hurt you? Call me back. I want to know why you screamed! Is everything okay? If this is payback for me not answering earlier, it's not funny. I will seriously call your parents or the police if you don't call me back. I'm on my way to your house. I'll be there in about an hour since I have to walk. Your dumbass left me here without a car or a ride home. You better be there or I will call the cops." I hung up and tucked my phone in my bra.

I looked around, double checking to make sure Allison's car was really gone and that no one else I knew was leaving. It was indeed gone and no one was around. I groaned, cursing my luck and choice of friends. I was still feeling sick, probably dehydrated, and now I had to walk four miles to my friend's house in the dark. Taking a deep breath, swearing to myself this would never happen again, I started walking.

The first thing I noticed was that the wind had gotten chilly and that I forgot my coat in Allison's car. I considered turning around and calling a cab, but they might call the police on me since I was a minor. I cursed my bad luck and continued walking. I had been walking for about twenty minutes and hadn't passed a soul. A dog barked in the distance and then a car alarm went off. It startled me and I jumped, wrapping my arms tighter around me. I shivered as a cold breeze blew over my damp skin. The darkness seemed to be closing in on me. I glanced around nervously, feeling as if someone was watching me. I checked to make sure my phone was still on and working, picking up the pace.

I was about a mile away from Allison's house when I heard a noise that sounded like footsteps behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart pounding in my chest as panic set in. I swung around and looked around for anyone. No one was there, but I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. After several moments of nothing, I kept walking. When I heard the noise again I started running. I knew I wasn't in any shape to outrun someone, but I had to try. Worst case scenario, maybe I could throw up on them. Before I got far, I heard someone scream in pain. Part of me wanted to ignore it, knowing it was probably a trick, but being the person I am, I stopped. I looked around, trying to find the person and thought I saw a shadow move. I took a deep breath and then stepped forward. Before I could take my second step, someone wrapped their arms around my waist and pulled me back into their chest.

"Don't move," they said, their breath fanning out against my neck. I froze. I didn't recognize that voice and no one was around to help me. I knew I had to remain calm and keep my head. I couldn't move my arms, so reaching for my phone was out of the question. I didn't have a weapon, and I was standing in the middle of the road. Not a car was in sight and no one would hear my scream. I let my body relax and the person started moving us backwards. "If you remain calm, you won't get hurt."

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to buy myself more time.

"I'm here to take you to a new life. Don't you worry, we'll find you a nice owner," the man whispered in my ear. I shivered at the coldness to his tone. What the hell was he talking about?

"What the fuck are you talking about? What kind of sicko are you? I'm not going to be someone's possession, you sick fuck. This is the twenty first century! Let me go," I demanded. Finally it came to me. I knew what to do. I'd seen it in movies but had never done it myself. I only hoped it worked. My head jerked forward and then swung backwards into his face as hard as I could. I nailed the man in the nose and heard the sickening crunch of bone breaking. I felt his arms loosen and heard his cry of pain.

I jerked free of his grasp, spun, and kicked him right between the legs. I saw his face for a moment, trying to take in his features. He had his eyes closed, but I documented that he had tan skin, a cleft chin, and auburn hair. I ran before he had a chance to recover, looking back once to see that the man's eyes were open and they were glowing red. I gasped and almost lost my footing. I increased my speed, the adrenaline helping me.

I rounded the corner and he disappeared from my line of vision. I pushed my body as fast as I could. I had to get to Allison's house and call the cops. Luckily I had been heading in the right direction. Then I remembered my phone. "Wait," I mumbled. I reached into my bra for my phone, only to find it gone. I cursed and ground my teeth. "What a fucking wonderful night."

I was only a block and a turn away from Allison's house when I heard footsteps running behind me. There was no way this guy could have caught up to me. Despite my instincts, I glanced back and immediately wished I hadn't. As soon as I took my eyes off the direction I was running, I tripped. I hit the ground hard, my hands coming down to break my fall. I screamed in pain as I landed hard and pain shot up my arm. I wouldn't be surprised if it was broke. I rolled over onto my back and held my arm to my chest. The man dropped to the ground, straddling me. His eyes were still glowing red and he looked furious.

"I told you to remain calm and you wouldn't get hurt. You didn't listen, and now look at you. Possibly a broken arm, and you reek of alcohol. Sickening creature. Humans, they never listen."

"Humans?" I questioned. "What are you?"

He didn't reply and instead I saw him lift his arm, digging in his pocket. He pulled out what looked like a syringe. I started fighting, swinging my good arm. He held me down and removed the cap with his teeth. Then he stuck the needle hard into my arm. I screamed and it died off as the world started spinning and I felt like my eyelids weighed a ton. The man, or whatever he was, stood up. He was standing beside my head, watching me. I rolled over and one last ditch effort, I bit into his leg. I felt blood flood into my mouth and jerked back. I spat it out and then slowly and unwillingly, I gave into the pull of whatever he'd stuck me with.


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