"Get me more."

Hell tossed back his tenth helping of rotten souls, feeling no more fearsome or awful than when the meal began. Unacceptable. He had demanded only the most tainted souls and could vouch for their filthiness, but he grew no stronger.

"How can I get more souls?"

Hell normally preferred quality over quantity, but that obviously didn't result in what he wanted. The more evil Hell consumed, the better he felt. It seemed only obvious, now that he thought about it, that searching for only completely stained souls, when he could simply devour every one in sight, was a complete waste of time. But, alas, souls came less and less frequently to the underworld nowadays; the humans' life span only lengthened as Hell grew hungry. A way to get many souls quickly must be made.

"Answer me!"

The smoke billowing from his mouth amused Hell, and when one of his subordinates' voices came from behind it he almost burnt her to ash for speaking out of turn.

"Well, Mister Hell, um, sir. Humans have very little strength. They have soft, fleshy bodies and no powers at all. Mister Hell could kill them and take their souls easily."

Hell had not thought of this. It never occurred to him to simply take what he wanted, which didn't set a very evil example. Embarrassed about this blunder of his, Hell quickly sent the demon girl flying into the pits of fire behind him.

"Alright, everyone. Gather the greatest souls and bring them here. We're going to attack the Earthlings."

Hell took a large lump of earth from beside his thrown and constructed a shape close to what he remembered humans' to be. Feeling very excited about this new plan and a trip to Earth, Hell picked a soul from the moaning pile gathering at his feet, and inserted it into the doll. The figure began to move and Hell decided he'd very much enjoy destroying Earth.