Artillery rains from the sky,

Shattering the serene landscape.

I just wish I could do more,

Than just watch my brothers die.

Who wished for this hell?

The smell of smoke and death linger.

My brothers are screaming in pain.

The fear begins to swell.

My uniform soaked red.

Why am I here?

Why did I ever want to do this?

The pride has been shred.

What honor is there in this?

I want to turn away from the chaos.

But my eyes refuse to leave the sight.

They stare ahead into the abyss.

I collapse to my knees,

It is all too much.

I can't help but freeze.

The pungent smell is carried by the breeze.

I can hear my brothers' voices,

All begging me to move.

I'm out in the open.

I stare at the red sky.

I want to run,

I want to hide,

But I don't move.

I just want to die.