AN: This is a story I wrote over the summer, which was supposed to be set in my D&D world to get extra experience. It turned into a lot more. Tell me what you think.

I was being chased by the evil wizard, Zaganus, narrowly avoiding his harmful spells as I ran for dear life. On the optimistic side of things, the ceiling was crumbling in front of me, and soon, the ancient walls of this temple would cave in. Via a powerful magic, I could be in front of the wreckage as Zaganus was crushed in the rubble. I stopped and found a place to hide, terrified that Zaganus would pinpoint my concealed location. I silenced myself . This allowed a window of opportunity for the casting of my spell. I could feel my blood racing through my fingers as I wiggled them while simultaneously chanting and burning the necessary material component, cricket eyes. Suddenly, without Zaganus noticing, I completed the spell and thrust myself three-hundred feet forward. I stopped and rested, catching my breath. I relaxed, for the spell had given me a clear advantage in my mission. Destroying Zaganus might be this simple. Maybe I could live through this as well.

Screaming with rage, Zaganus appeared mere inches in front of me. He had used magics similar to mine. He had a flare of pure hatred in his eyes, looking for my certain doom. Any signs of the past, kind Lucifer that he once was had all vanished. I tried to run again, but he jumped into my path, knocking me over with the surges of strength he seemed to muster with his ungodly power. Glancing behind him, I saw my only chance of surviving this vicious attack, the Soul Sphere.

What offset the perils of this temple, should I survive it, was the Soul Sphere. Shining like a star in this damp temple, the Soul Sphere radiated bright shades of white and blue. It sat on a golden altar, and merely being in its presence could make the most foolish of men as wise as a god. Ever since the possession of Lucifer, now Zaganus, I have had the ghastly burden of purifying his soul for the greater good of mankind. The window of time that I had to do that passed, and now, his soul has gone too far into the depths of hell for his recovery. The only solution being to capture his soul eternally in this powerful orb. I would have to sacrifice my mortal body, (well, according to the hairbrained oracle, at least) in order to capture his soul. My death is better than the death of the world. This orb must be used in the palms of good, or terrible things will come of the ritual. Being a benevolent artifact, when it is used in the hands of an evil person, things tend to go awry.

"Oh what are you looking at back there," Zaganus lashed out at me with a voice so sadistic, I was fallen into a trance, unable to speak with my own volition.

"I... need... the orb... or you... kill the... world..." I was unable to will my tongue to say the right thing.

"Oh you need it, do you? You think you can stop me, do you? I don't think that glowing orb will help you when it's shattered on the ground..." At those words, he took the orb, threw it to the ground, and stomped on the orb, shattering it to pieces. As soon as his foot made contact with it, I felt myself growing weak, and I saw him fizzle out into nothingness. I looked at my arm, and it was fizzling out too, albeit at a slower rate. I fell unconscious, and woke up next to a girl with the whitest eyes anyone had ever seen. I looked at my arm which had fizzled into nothingness, and found that it was blue. I stood up to full height, and found my height was a mere two-and-a-half feet. I was very confused, then it hit me. I was no longer myself.