Where Was The Starting Line?

Years ago

Just beginning

The past was the future

But where was it?

With a father that is unknown

Did he care once upon a time?

Or did regret start before anything was said?

With a father the start began

With a mother that is slowly leaving

Did she always hate?

Or maybe it was an act in the now past?

With a mother the start began

With sisters that were too young to know?

Did they always stand beside?

Or did the bad bring our friendship strong?

With sisters the start began

With a hope that gave a heart?

Did it exist?

Or was it imaginary?

With a hopeful heart the start began

The start began

With all of these things

But just where

Is unknown

Ask for my origins

And i will say

With a hopeful heart,

Unknown father,

Leaving mother

And sisters too young.