Chapter One: The Fourth Ambassador.

Matthias rested his cheek gently in the palm of his hand, gazing into the eyes of his mirror image. He couldn't help but take in the bored stare of the man that was supposed to be him, eyes glazed with a lack of interest for anything around him.

Matthias and the other Angels were supposed to be meeting the ambassadors soon. He didn't want to do, nobody did. But it wasn't his choice. He did what he had to. He was picked because he wasn't easily intimidated by others, a skill that had lost him his life a few years ago.

Scanning the dresser lazily, Matthias picked up a comb, slender fingers curling around the smooth handle, and tried to tame his wild blond hair, with little success.

There was a light knock on his door, and tall woman with long red hair came in.

"Leona." He nodded in acknowledgement.

"Matthias, you're late. We can't offend them, as much as we want to." She said, almost spitting the word 'them'.

"I know, I know." He drawled, stepping away from the vanity desk and tucking the stool underneath, wood scraping against the light stone floor.

Turning away from him, Leona flicked her hair over her shoulder, and Matthias slipped a lightweight, silver necklace around his neck, with a thin crucifix pendant dangling just below his throat.

"Done primping?" Leona asked stonily, tired of waiting. Matthias never stopped wondering how this icy woman managed to make it into Heaven. She certainly wasn't kind. "Then let's go."

Matthias was one of Gods Angels. After an untimely death, involving his sarcastic mouth, and a forgiven accident, Matthias had found himself opening his dark eyes in a sickeningly white place, opening his eyes in Heaven. The Highers had treated him like dirt, something he was very shocked to find, and he found the hierarchy system ridiculous. He didn't like it very much, but he dealt with it without complaint.

Matthias wasn't afraid of other people, and had a very sharp tongue in his head, leading to more than a few unpleasant situations in his teen years. Not that he was much older than that anyway.

Following Leona out of the room, Matthias watched her back distastefully as they walked in tense silence to where they were meeting Hell's Ambassadors.

"Stay silent, Matthias. If you try anything witty, you could destroy this chance at peace, and it could well be the only one that we have." Leona instructed as she stopped in front of a door.

Matthias rolled his eyes, shoving his hands into his pockets in annoyance. "Whatever. Let's get on with it, woman. They're more likely to be offended by your tardiness than my tongue."

"You mean your tardiness. Who was it who was busy combing his hair like a lovestruck girl?" She responded easily, opening the door.

Matthias huffed and crossed his arms, glaring daggers into Leona's back as they entered to room.

"Quit glaring Matthias. It's rude."

The three ambassadors looked up at the two as they entered, some looking bored, some looking uncomfortable.

"Hello, I'm Angel Leona." Leona introduced.

The three nodded, but otherwise did not say anything. Leona was quickly frustrated by their lack of speech.

"What are your names?" She asked, eyes narrowing slightly.

"You really don't like to consider other people, do you?" A smooth voice asked, as a man with red hair, speckled with flecks of gold stepped forwards. The fourth ambassador pushed his way through the others.

"Excuse me?" Leona asked, disbelieving.

"Phoenix, at your service." The man did a mock bow. "And this Miya," He gestured to a short girl with long wavy hair. "Belial," He waved his hand past a curvy brunette, who stood with an angry expression. "And Phillip." Phillip looked away, lower lip trembling slightly.

"I'm sure they can answer for themselves, Sinner." Leona responded.

Matthias watched Leona with wide eyes, thinking that maybe she was the one who needed to keep her mouth shut.

"Think before you speak, Angel." Phoenix sneered, looking back to the other three and nodding, they came forward. The three who hadn't said a word opened their mouths, and it became obvious why.

A hand covered Matthias's mouth quickly, to stifle his gasp, as he looked away.

Leona let out a shocked breath. "Oh. I see."

None of them had tongues.

"So, as I was saying, Angel, "He spat the word. "I think you should be a little more considerate of your words, especially when your own haven't introduced themselves." He said, eyes locking onto Matthias's for a moment before glancing back to Leona.

Matthias grinned slightly, it wasn't often somebody stood up to Leona and left her speechless, and couldn't help but feel a developing respect for Phoenix.

"I'm Matthias." He smiled, unable to control it. He certainly liked Phoenix. He most likely because he certainly did not like Leona.

"Hmph." He shrugged.

"The truce?" Leona started, not wanting to talk to the Sinners anymore than she had to.

"We're rejecting it." Phoenix said simply, examining his nails.

"W-What?" Leona nearly shouted. They had been working on this truce for months! "Why?!"

"Well, put it this way. What advantages do we get? You aren't offering us anything other than rules."

"We're offering you a place in Heaven!" At her words, the four ambassadors glares burned like the fires of hell themselves.

"And what then? We're going to be marked as different, we're going to be isolated, and the Angels will never accept us."

"I- Then stay in Hell!" Leona shouted, turning to storm away, but Belial quickly grabbed her arms and held her still, while Philip and Miya grabbed Matthias's arms. Matthias decided that he didn't like Phoenix so much after all.

"Oh, we will. But what's a war without war prisoners?" Phoenix grinned maliciously.

"Listen, we aren't on great terms, but we aren't-"

"Oh, that reminds me." He smirked down at Leona, barely passing a glance in Matthias's direction. "As of now, we'd like to declare war against God." He said, a relaxed smile forming on his lips, like he'd been waiting to say that for a long time.

Matthias wasn't quite sure what to do. He had no way of moving, he was held quite strongly to the ground, the silent ambassadors having much more strength than they looked to at first glance.


"War." Phoenix flicked his pink tongue across his lips. "War, little Angel. We have declared war against the Heavens. And we will win." He promised.

So what do you think of that for a start? It's certainly shorter than I would've liked it to be, but meh, it's the only the opening Chapter. I can work on length in future. Right now I need to focus on the quality of my writing.