"God will save us! You lowly Hell dogs!" Leona shouted, her voice piercing the darkness that surrounded them, rattling the bars of her cage.

Matthias wondered if he looked the same, just as trapped, just as hopeless.

Just as pathetic.

Phoenix smirked to himself, like he knew a joke that nobody else knew, the silent ambassadors mirroring his expression, while the demon turned his back on them.

"God had forsaken you from the second we touched your skin, Angel. You're just a pawn to him." A smooth, taunting voice rang out from seemingly every direction as the four demons disappeared into the black.

Leona's screamed and cries of 'Liar' echoed around Matthias's head for a long time, haunting, shrieking.

Matthias peered around the cage. It was incredibly similar to a birdcage, causing the blonde Angel to sneer, curious as to if it were some sort of joke being played on him and Leona. It was even swaying slightly, chains rattling as it dangled from a ceiling that was high above them, though the cage was only about a meter off of the ground.

Leona's cries had died away and she was pacing around the cage, testing the dirty bars for a weakness.

A one point she had tried to slip her leg through the bars, hitching up her white dress to high up on her thigh, stretching her leg as far as she could, but she was still just an inch from brushing her toe against the floor.

Her wings, thin and short, resembled insect wings and only reached as long as her elbows, flat against her back, twitching slightly in anticipation. Continuing her pacing, a hand on her chin, she began to murmur to herself.

"Leona." Matthias spun around in his sitting position to face her. "You're a Higher Angel, right? Don't you have some kind of mental link with the Old Man or something?"

Leona paused as if she hadn't thought of it, but then shook her head.

"Only He can establish contact. To do that he has to extend his consciousness to yours." She says. "Don't call Him that, it's disrespectful."

Frowning, Matthias trailed a finger down the nearest bar, scowling at the filth that stained his finger black. "He hasn't extended to you?"

She shook her head again.

"No, we're in Hell. He wouldn't extend his consciousness here." She muttered, running a hand through her flame hair, stretching her wings.

"If he won't even extend his consciousness to make sure we're okay, what's the chance of him helping at all?" Matthias asks. "Do you think he'll help us?"

Leona was silent for a moment . "You shake your faith too easily, Matthias." She shot Matthias a pitying look. "As to your second question, I'm not entirely sure. Me, maybe, after all, I'm one of his highest Angels, while you're one of the lowest, don't seem to take anything seriously and are continuously disrespectful. I seriously wonder why you were allowed into Heaven at all."

Matthias hummed, acknowledging her. He didn't particularly care that he meant near nothing to God, after all, during most of his life, God hadn't meant particularly much to him either.

He had gotten into Heaven due to the fact he had never done anything particularly bad, though he had never been outstandingly good either.

Leona returned to pacing the small cage.

"Oi! Birdie!" Matthias leapt up and shouted when Phoenix came back into view, seemingly hours after he'd left.

"What?" A quizzical look passed his face. "I hate burst your bubble, but you're the one in the floating aviary, little guy."

Matthias crossed his arms. "So what? You're the one named after a bird." He'd decided to ignore the stab at his short height. For now, anyway.

"Doesn't matter, it's not even my real name. You're trapped like a bird, so you're more bird like."

Matthias turned his back and waved a hand. "Do you see a pair of wings, Demon?"

"Who cares? You're still the one who's in a birdcage."

"Yeah, but you're named after a bird, Birdie." Matthias stressed the name.

Phoenix hissed. "It's not my real name. Seriously, would anyone actually name their kid something like 'Phoenix'?"

"So, where are we? In some dead perverts basement?" Matthias half joked, half snarled, putting a hand on his hip defiantly. It's not like God was going to come rushing to his rescue, so why not taunt his captors? Have a little fun while being tortured for the rest of eternity.

"We're outside." Phoenix told him.

"What? I can't see a thing!"

"We're in Hell, what do you expect?" He asked rhetorically with a roll of his eyes, which were glowing gold, lighting up the dark slightly. "Besides, people who're meant to be here can see just fine."

As if to prove his point, he darted in and out of the darkness.

"So Birdie-"

"Matthias." Leona's voice cut in darkly, sharp. "Do not talk to him."

Matthias glanced away. Regardless of their situation Leona was still superior to him. To go against an order from a Higher Angel than would be as stupid as going against God himself, it might as well be suicide.

"You're coming with me." Phoenix stated as he turned to Leona, while her blue eyes were alight with hatred. After a slight pause, Phoenix grinned and shook his head patronizingly.

"You don't guard your thoughts well, do you Angel?" The smirk was nearly audible in his tone . "The second you touch your skin to the floor, you're a part of Hell. We're not as cruel as you make us out to be. We made sure you couldn't touch the floor, didn't we?"

Leona was silent, her words dead in her throat.

A world of darkness surrounded Matthias.

At first he thought that he'd passed out, but then he realized that Phoenix and Leona had just left.

It was just him and the darkness.

Although, that distant scuttling sound, like claws tapping on stone, let him know that that wasn't quite true.

No, it was just him and whatever stayed hidden in the dark.