Chapter One

"You better hurry up or we're gonna be late." Nathan says as we hop over a pair of train tracks and keep on walking. "Do you think I care, Nathan?" A friend of ours, Diego, says glaring lightly at us. "I know you don't but Junior, Ryder, and I do. And we can't really leave you behind on this side of town. Who knows what'll happen to you here." Nathan says back.
I stay quiet as Ryder says, "Yeah, if we leave you behind, you might get shanked."
"Why? Just because I'm a latino?" Diego shoots back. "No, because you're face screams "Shank me!"." Nathan laughs. "Oh shut up, Nathan!" Diego says, throwing a rock at him and Ryder.
Both boys chuckle and dodge the rock. I stare at the ground as a train whistle blows in the distance, singling we need to get off of the tracks and into Waukon High School. "Dammit, here comes a train. Common, Junior, let's go." Ryder sighs as he, and the other two, jump off of the train tracks and walking towards the big dull looking high school a few feet away. "Okay..." I say lowly as I follow them, and past a black Chevy Suburban, and into the high school.
I thought that day was like any other, me, Ryder, Nathan, and Diego were going to school like any other time. We'd get out of school around 3 o'clock, go home, and play Skyrim.
But no, that day wasn't like any other day. Maybe if I had paid more attention to that Suburban, this wouldn't have happened, I would still be at my house, annoying my older brother Kerry and my older sister Kelley. But, no, I didn't pay attention to that Suburban because a number of Waukon teacher's have Suburbans, black Suburban's too.
But, if I did, I would have noticed that two men were staring at me through the tinted windows, whispering to each other. "Is he the one that boss wants?" One of them whispered to them, "Yes," the other one whispered back. But, no, I didn't see them or hear them, at the time. I thought I was hearing things. But later, I realized I wasn't hearing things.
Sigh, sometimes I really do hate myself. I should have paid more attention, I should have paid attention to my surroundings.
But, I didn't.
And, complaining about it won't do me any good.

Woah, wait a minute, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from where I left off.

We walked into Waukon High School and barely made it to our first hour class before the bell rang. We took our seats just in time to see a tall, black haired male with dark brown eyes walk into the classroom. We knew him well... He was our substitute for the day since Ms. Loy was out sick.

"Hello," the man said, voice cold, "I am your substitute teacher for the day, call me Mr. Burru." The teacher, Mr. Burru said. The class flew by after that...the whole day did. I wish I had did more than...

Nevermind about that. Anyways, I was walking home after school by myself because Diego got sick during the day, Ryder and Nathan's older siblings took them home. I was walking across Fourth Avenue when the black Suburban pulled up to me. The passenger's side window rolled down to show Mr. Burru. I blinked and walked over to the window, which was the dumbest idea ever. "Hello Mr. Burru, what can I do for you?" I asked. Mr. Burru just blinked at me, then a evil grin broke out upon his face. I was confused. Why was he grinning?

When I felt arms wrap around me and a bag put over my head and I was shoved into the Suburban, I knew why he was grinning. I had fell right into his web, I got close to the car and his friends then were able to grab me and shove me into the car.

My substitute teacher kidnapped me.

I need to get out of this Suburban, and find help...and I need to do it quickly. Pull against the restraints on my arms and let out a small whimper. Hear them all laugh. What are they gonna do to me?

When I feel the car stop, and turn off, I admittedly know I've reached my ultimate doom.

I hear the doors slide open and one of them grab me by the bicep and pull me into the house, I'm assuming. I'm led down a hallway and stop when the man holding me digs his fingernails into my skin.

"Boss," one of the men, Mr. Burru, says. I frown. He's working under somebody? "We brought the one you want." He says, as the man holding me pulls off the bag on my head. I gasp for air and cough, realizing how much I needed a good breath of air. I open my eyes and look around, realizing I'm in a white living room, with a burning fire place, and furnished with expensive looking white furniture. "Oh, have you now?" A man says as he walks in from the kitchen area, I'm guessing.

He grins widely when he sees me. "Ah, yes, you did. Very good. Now, go put him down stairs with the others. We'll put him into good use later, but for now, we'll let him get acquainted with his new "roommates"." The man, their boss, says with a grin. I gulp. Put me to good use?
"Yes sir, Mr. Gorddu." Mr. Burru says as he grabs my other arm, and then proceeds to drag me out of the room with help from the other dude. Struggle against them but stop when the dude slaps me across the face. Wince as I hear Mr. Burru laugh, "Nice one, Kurt, you really got him to shut up."
"Well no shit, Kyle," Kurt says with a grin. "I've always gotten people to do what I want, unlike you."
"Oh shut up, bro and let's just get him downstairs with the others, and hopefully Carl'll bring that Matt dude down there too, after all," Mr. Burru, Kyle, says as he turns towards me with a grin, "He needs to get to know all of his roommates." My body starts to shake. Kurt snorts, "Carl spends more time with that slave than any other." Kyle shrugs and opens a door that leads to the basement, I believe. He and Kurt lead me downstairs, my trembles not subsiding, but only increasing when the scent of urine, vomit, and b-o hit my nostrils when we reach the bottom of the stairs. I look around to see chains connected to the wall, and cuffs on the end (not the part that's connected to the wall). One link of chains is connected to someone -a little thirteen year old boy. My eyes widen. The little boy's head snaps up, and he turns fearful brown eyes on me.
I'm not the only one they've kidnapped? Kurt sees where my gaze is and laughs and says, pulling me close, whispering threateningly in my ear, "That's where you'll be if you misbehave." I gulp and nod, forcing myself to look away from the boy.
They lead me through a pair of doors to show me a room with old looking beds, covered in blankets. Teens look up when we enter, they scramble up and onto their beds, diving under the blankets. Kyle snaps at them, "Get up." They all slink out from under the covers of their bed slowly and line up in front of us.

"You've got a new roommate -Junior Ecnu." They all look me in the eye, before averting their gaze. They shove me forward, cutting the ropes off of my arms. I rub my wrists. "Tell him the rules and make him feel at home." Kyle says with a grin before turning, and walking out with Kurt. Slamming the door shut and locking it.

I turn to them, and gulp. They're all staring at me. One thing I've noticed about them all, is that they all have long hair, and it's greasy, and raggedy clothes. One of them, a boy who looks about 17 steps forward. He's shorter than me, a little pudgy, with about shoulder length dark black hair with brown eyes. "I'm Tony," the boy says as I grab his hand and shake it. "And these are our "roommates", Jimmie," he points to a boy about 14, with black hair and brown eyes, his hair is a little shorter than Tony's. "Kevin," he points to a boy with dirty blonde hair with emerald green eyes, with gold flecks. His hair is right above his ears, and he looks about 14. "Clint," Tony points to a boy who looks about 13 with blonde hair and blue eyes. His face is sunburned badly and he has stitches under his right eye, some blood oozes from the wound. It must be new. "Kasey," he then points to a boy about 14 with fiery red hair and electric blue eyes, who's looking out from behind Jimmie with fear in his eyes. "Greg," Tony points to a boy who looks about 15 with emotionless blue eyes, and short dark brown hair. "Martin you probably saw outside, in the cuffs." I flinch as I remember the look in his eyes.
Tony looks like he's about to say something else when the door snaps open, we all jump a mile, and I turn to see a boy who looks...about 19 with Martin. Martin runs behind Tony and into Jimmie's arms, who hugs him hard as the boy sobs something into his ear. I turn to the 19 year old who entered with Martin.
He's tall, about my height, short dark brown hair, and blue/green eyes. He doesn't look like he has a rough time here at all. "That," Tony whispers to me, "person right there, his name is Matt."
So this is Matt. Hm, seems a little jerky to me. Ignore Matt as he moves around me and turn to Tony. "Kurt and Kyle said-"
Tony flinches. "Never call them by their names, for them it's "Sir", or Mr. Burru, or Mr. Hecknu and for Jeff it's "Master"."
"Who's Mr. Hecknu, and Jeff?" I ask. "Denny, one of the men who kidnapped you, and Mr. Gorddu." Tony says. "Oh, anyways, one of the Sir's, Mr. Burru, said you had to tell me about the rules?..." I ask slowly. Tony nods before sitting down on a bed and motions for me to sit across from him. I do so as he says, "Rule number 1. When they make a move on you, don't fight back or try to run away. You'll get a punishment like Martin did if you do, rule 2. You don't try to escape, rule 3. If someone speaks to you, you must speak back or you will get punished."
"Rule 4, never talk back to Master. Rule 5, never harm any of our "masters", rule 6, do not break anything. Rule 7, break rule 2 and you will be killed." I gulp and nod as I listen to the rules. He pauses, taking a deep breath. "If we break any other rule, we will not get food or water for the day. If we're good for a month or two, we'll be allowed to skip our chores for a week and we'll be able to bath. We have chores, each day it's different, but if we don't get our previous day's chores done, we finish that up and do our chore for that day. Lights are out at 8:00 PM." He finishes.
That was a lot for me to take in, so I just sit there and nod. Tony then gets up from the bed. "Here -you can sleep here tonight."
I shake my head. "No if it's yours you can sleep in it, I'll sleep on the floor." I say. Tony chuckles. "I'll just sleep with Kev, he won't mind. I know there's been plenty of times where we've had to share, they'll bring another bed down tomorrow so don't worry." Tony finishes before walking over to where Kevin's getting ready for bed and mutters lowly to him, before Kevin nods and slides over, letting Tony in.
I turn my head away and pull down the sheets and freeze when I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Woah, dude, calm down." Matt says with a sly grin. I pull my shoulder away from him with a growl. "Look, I know you must not like me, I don't know why-"
"It's because you look like you don't have any problems here whatsoever!" I snap at him. "Of course I don't. Carl's my boyfriend, after all." Matt says, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Boyfriend? How can he be your boyfriend?" I snap.
"Because, before he kidnapped me, we went to college together. We started going out a few months before he "kidnapped" me. He didn't really kidnap me though, he acted like he did so I could get in here and take care of them." He says, tilting his head back towards the sleeping figures. Feel my hand twitch. "Oh," I say, and realize my assumption was all wrong.
I guess Matt's alright after all.
Matt walks away and I curl up on the bed, forcing my eyes shut. My frickin' mind wanders though and I can't get myself calmed down enough to actually go to sleep! I toss and turn, cursing lightly to myself when I get scratched by the covers. Just frickin' great. I think to myself as I stare up at the hard ceiling and hear the shuffling of sheets around me as people switch positions.
How long have they been down here? Days, weeks, months, years? I don't know and it makes my stomach queasy thinking about it. I don't want to be down here forever...I don't want too! So, question is...
How do I get out?