Chapter 1

"Analise hurry up the boat leaves in twenty minutes we should have been there already."

"I'm coming just give me a sec Lisa."

As I race against the clock to try and find my journal, Moon and Lisa go on and talk about how we are going to be late for our vacation department to the paradise island of Hawaii. I don't think they realize they are so loud. I hear every word they say.

"Got it, now let's go girls."

We get in Moon's 2009 Lexus and race to the dock and finally arrive within two minutes of departure. Luckily, we made it just in time because they were still in the dock.

"Wait! We're passengers, we have tickets," I shriek.

"STOP" yells the steward.

"Tickets ladies."

"Uh Lisa you have the tickets right?"

"Yeah, here you go sir," chirps Lisa.

"Excellent! Your rooms are on the left side of the ship: rooms A1, A2 and A3. Here are your keys and you will find a schedule on your beds. Have a swell trip on the Coral's Moon."

"Thank you."

When we head down to our rooms the schedules were on all of our beds.

~The Coral's Moon~

Breakfast on the bow at 7:00am-9:00am

Lunch on the Stern at 12:00pm -2:00pm

Dinner on the Port at 6:00pm.

"Man these hours are super early," mutters Moon.

"Moon, Lisa listen to this, it says that no women and children are allowed out on the deck when a full moon occurs."I wonder why that is?" says Moon.

"Well I think they found out that Lisa was going to come aboard the Coral's Moon and thought that they didn't want to have to make her walk the plank cause she would make every night chaos."

"Ha ha you girls are funny. You know I was born in a church."

"Well let's go tour The Coral's Moon ladies."