Chapter 10

"So, what have you been up to Analise?"
"Nothing much. What about you Lisa?" I said.

"I've been planning some things."

"Oh. So, where's Moon?"

"She decided to chill in her room tonight. So, I guess it's just you and me."

"Okay, so what did you want to discuss?"

"Oh. Well, I thought we could skip the talking and enjoy this opportunity."

"Opportunity? For what?"

"For this," she said as she swung a syringe at me as I ducked and she missed.

After Lisa had swung the syringe at me and missed I made her drop it on the ground. She looked so furious at me. Lisa then started to throw punches and kicks. At the same time. It looked like she had been training for this moment as. She threw a punch at my cheek and knocked the oxygen out of me and I ended up on the ground. I was surprised that she hit me with such force. As I was getting myself to stand again Lisa had been walking towards me with such mysteriousness in such a slow pace.

"Ha ha. You puny little girl. Did you really think we were going to talk about our friendship?"

"What do you want from me Lisa."

"I want your heart." Lisa said before I ran towards her with a fist ready to meet her face, but unexpectedly she flipped me and I landed on my back. Where did she learn these moves. She couldn't have heard about them, because this was a move Riley had taught me.

"Oh Analise. You didn't know Riley had taught me moves just like he trained you, he trained me. Ha ha. You stupid little girl."

Lisa then turned me around and pinned my arms to the ground.

"Who is going to save you now Analise? Riley? Please. He's probably out at that party. You know, the one that he invited you to. Do you honestly believe that you can save yourself, let alone someone save you?"

With that I spit in Lisa's face as she got up to my face and then had a small smile appear.

"Big mistake Analise," she said as she threw my head to the ground. I had no idea Lisa was experienced with fighting. My vision was becoming blurry and my head hurt like it was being squeezed by walls. I honestly thought I was going to die, but obviously I wasn't. As I saw Lisa was preparing for one last punch to wipe me of consciousness, I saw a figure jump on her and throw her to the ground. I wasn't awake to see the figure, but when I was conscious again I saw myself in a pitch dark room and found myself tied up against a pole and had a slice of duck tape on my mouth. As I was just starting to open my eyes the lights came on. It was Lisa who had flipped the switch and my eyes were in shocked. Across the room was Moon. She was also tide up to a pole with a slice of duck tape covering her mouth.

"So, Analise. How do you feel now?"