I'll always tell you it's okay

Even when it isn't

And hasn't been for a while

Because I don't want you to worry

And I hate it when you tell me you feel guilty

I miss you, of course

I want you here

But I won't say so, because you'll feel bad

And you shouldn't, because I know

You do what you do for me

And you always have and please

Don't frown, because I'm not

I'm smiling; I'll always smile for you

Because I love you

And it's okay to fake it for people you love

And I'll smile and smile and smile

Even while I'm crying, and

I'll laugh and be so, so happy

Because I love you and even though I miss you

It's okay because I know you love me

And you're here when you can be

But sometimes I can't help but hate them

All the other kids who complain about their mothers

Because at least they get to see them

At least they know that when they go home

Their mommy will be there

And mine won't be

But it's still okay

It'll always be okay, and I know that if you could be

You'd always be with me

And you'd never leave

But you can't, and it's okay

I love you

I always will

It's okay.