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I remember the night; it was a cool night in late July. I had been walking down the street when I saw her from the corner of my eye. The girl was wearing a pink halter top with daisy dukes; her feet were covered with black Converse. What caught me the most was her long blonde hair that curled around her shoulders. She turned momentarily and that's when I saw her round blue eyes. I stopped and couldn't catch my breath; I was so captivated by her beauty that I could not breathe. A man came and joined her; this man grabbed her hand and kissed her cheek.

The man had light brown hair, and from what I could tell brown eyes. The girl smiled and the young couple headed my way. I was still speechless and hadn't moved from where I stopped. As they walked closer I saw how the girl looked at everything, watched everything. She was taking it all in. The man next to her seemed restless.

They walked closer to where I stood. I couldn't stop the sly smile that had appeared on my face.

"Watch It." The girl said walking straight into me. I turned and watched her leave, "Who the hell does that loser think he is?" she scoffed to the man who laughed. I couldn't help but feel a pang to my heart as I watched her leave with that man. I felt an intense anger and that's when things became blurry. Without willing my feet to move, they started to follow the young couple as they continued walking.

"Where's your car Jess?" the girl chuckled grabbing onto 'Jess's' arm.

"It's not far babe, I promise." He laughed. They turned a corner, myself not far behind. Far enough where they wouldn't see me, but close enough so I could see and hear them. They walked for another few minutes before they turned into a dark, cold alleyway. I looked down and noticed a crowbar just lying on the damp cement. I reached down and picked it up without any thought as to what I was doing.

Jess stopped and reached into his pocket while the girl staggered past him. "C'mon now hurry up!" her words slurred. Jess smiled and began to take a step towards her direction. Without knowing at first what I was about to do, I stepped forward and raised the bar. Lacking the hesitation any normal man would have, I brought the bar down upon the man's skull. A sickening crack rang out, causing the blonde to turn in my direction.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" she yelled stumbling towards me. I looked up for a second and felt a rain drop hit my face. Heavy breathing brought my attention back to the situation. The girl was now kneeling over the unconscious Jess. She turned her head and the contents of her stomach rose to the surface and out of her body. While she was vomiting I reached down and yanked her up by her hair. I turned her around and pushed her against the grime covered wall.

"What the hell are you doing? Let me go you fucking pervert!" she screamed in anger. I could smell the alcohol on her breath mixed with the vomit; it seemed her clothing was stained with it as well. I dropped the crowbar and wrapped my large hands around her small, delicate neck. She was gasping now as I tightened my grip. As she moved around trying to get away from me, I smelled lavender.

"Pleaseā€¦ let me go." She got out between the gasps. By now rain was pouring down on us soaking our clothes. I heard a clink clink clang and lookeddown to find a large, rusted tin can lid. With one hand still around her neck, pinning her against the wall, I reached down and grabbed the rusted lid. I then pressed it into her white stomach drawing some blood.

"Please stop! Please let me go!" I sliced the lid against her stomach eliciting a scream. Leaving a large cut in her abdomen, her organs began to ooze out with a large amount of blood sopping her and my lower body.

The girl's eyes rolled into the back of her pretty little head. Her body jolting foreword before stilling, her screams gargled as my hand traveled down and grasped her lower intestine. I pulled roughly towards myself and proceeded to wrap the organ around her neck. I looked up and saw a big, metal landing escape right above her our heads. I dragged her by her hair and intestine over towards the lower area. I linked the beginning of the organ through the metal bar and tied it. With much struggle I managed to get myself on top of the landing above her now lifeless body.

I pulled the tied intestine upwards, getting a better handle on it. I tied it to the next landing above us, pulling her with it. I leaned over and fell down onto the ground, my face hitting the pavement. I rolled onto my back glancing up. I watched as her body swung with little movement, along with the roaring wind. The wind was hitting the body causing blood to pour from her wounds.

This is when things became clear; all the rest had been a haze. It was as if I was finally realizing what I had done. The blaring of oncoming sirens dragged me to my feet and I proceeded to run down the alley. I ran for what seemed like miles before I turned and ran up the stairs into my apartment. Staggering to my door, I reached into my pocket and grasped the cool metal keys. With my hands shaking beyond my control I unlocked the wooden door.

I stumbled into my home, slamming the door behind me. I made my way into the bathroom, turning on the light as I entered. Taking off my blood and rain soaked jacket I began to run a bath. I looked into the mirror and just seeable behind the steam was my own messy reflection. My black hair was matted with gravel and blood. My body was not much different; on my face right beneath my left eye was a piece of muscle. It was quickly wiped away.

My hands still shaking, I turned off the tap and began to undress myself. My clothes lay in a puddle in the middle of the white tiled floor. Blood mixed with water dripped onto the ground, staining the tile. With my now shaking body I gently lowered myself into the warm water. Rain was hitting the windows illuminating a tap, tap, tap I could hear the wind as well.

The water was slowly turning red as my body was cleaned off of the blood. As I sat there and I lowered my head into my hands I couldn't help but think, What have I done? What have I done?

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