Promised Land

Come to me, my darling,

my grasp is soft and warm.

Take my hand and follow me,

I'll lead you from the swarm.


Lean on me, my sweetheart,

I know how tired you feel

in this time of war and wrath,

where reality is not real.


I'll sing to you, my dearest,

of places still unknown

with wondrous light and innocent life,

no seeds of destruction yet sown.


Confide in me, my beauty,

let me take some of the weight

of tales of woe and truths unknown;

you are too burdened with hate.


Rest your lungs, my precious,

for you are more weary than you know.

Stop your rushed breath, feel the calm;

it's time to just let go.


Come with me, my love,

it's time to start anew.

I'll take you to the Promised Land

where you can enjoy the view.