out of all
the memories
i lost
werent one
of them.

i forgot jake died,
i forgot noey died,
i forgot being raped,
all billion times.

but you.
you were different.
i loved you more
than i loved death.
(i didnt love life i guess)

and now youre gone,
probably dead or
bleeding or
to sleep.

and i can only blame
for letting the
burden i am
be your burden too.

and so i prayed.
i prayed real

i wondered what
i could do
to help save

and the answer is
crystal clear.
i will offer myself
as a sacrifice.

i will kill myself
to help save you.
after all i did,
it's all i can do.

i never forgot you.
maybe you wanted me to.
but im killing myself
to save you.