Hello everyone!

This is a really short random story I submitted to a contest a year ago that I figured I'd post here. :) All the chickens (and rooster) named are my real chickens and rooster, and this is an actual occurrence at my household. :)

Hope you like it and thanks for reading!

-Shire from CollieandShire

The Strike

We knew the day would come, and we had to act now. Nicolai didn't understand why, but then again, he's a rooster.

Henny Penny, our golden leader, called the meeting together. "Today has been a horrible day in our history." she said with a sad cluck. "We must rise up and strike back!"

"Yeah!" we shouted. Except Nicolai, because he's a rooster.

"From this day forward we will not go into production unless given our bread!" Henny Penny announced.

"Yeah!" we screeched.

For the rest of the day none of us went to work. We stayed outside, sunning ourselves, lazy as could be.

It was about eight that night when The Girl came out, bucket in hand.

"Oh girls!" she called. "And boy." she added. "I brought you some bread!"

She emptied the bucket, and we lunged at it greedily. "Sorry I didn't give it to you earlier, I had to see my family off."

Picking up the bucket, she raced back to her house.

We all glanced at Henny Penny, who responded with a wild cackle. "The strike is off! Tomorrow we go back into production and lay eggs!"

"Yeah!" we all clucked. Save Nicolai, because he's a rooster.

Yep, it was short. The contest was to see if you could write a story two hundred words or less. I worked hard at shortening this, and I think it payed off. :D

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this, and if you'd like to read more 'chicken' stories in the future or even now check out my profile! I have one other chicken story up, solely about Nicolai the Rooster. :D It's titled Interview with a Rooster.

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