Jaimie watched Jax smoothly rise from the pool, a laughing Nate in his arms, his little hands grasping at his fathers' tanned cheeks as Jax pretended to be in extreme pain, howling theatrically and making Nate laugh harder.

"He hasn't let himself go, has he?" Elaine sighed, as Jaimie filled her glass with Sea Breeze, her third, if she wasn't mistaken.

Jaimie allowed herself an indulgent moment to run her eyes over her husband in all his toned and tanned glory, muscles flexing as he carefully placed Nate on the ground.

"He's such a good father. Look at them. Nate adores him!"

"Yes," Jaimie agreed, still watching Jax as he shook his wet hair and absent mindedly ran a hand over his tight abs. "It's just as well I'm around to provide some discipline."

Elaine laughed. "Oh give me a break Jaimie! You adore Nate as much as Jax does. You're besotted with him."

They both stood watching Jax as he picked up a towel and wrapped it around his narrow hips.

Elaine sighed extravagantly. "Now this is how to celebrate Christmas!" she declared holding up her glass in a toast. Jaimie's eyes were still on Jax as she thought about this morning, when Nate had slept until 9 o'clock, a rare occurence, and Jax had used the precious time to lick her into an almost delirious state of bliss and then slide inside her and thrust until she was gripping his ass and moaning out his name, trying to stifle her cries so that her entire family didn't have to know just how happy he made her.

Seeing Jaimie, Nate cried out happily and wobbled towards her at break neck speed, his bare feet tripping over themselves as he careened across the grass, his little face suffused with glee. Jaimie bent down and picked him up, Nate immediately burying his face in her neck and she pressed her cheek against his damp hair.

Dom appeared beside them and Nate chortled his name and reached a chubby little hand towards him, Dom holding on to it gently. "Where's Mom?" he asked.

"Where do you think she is? In the kitchen with Gary of course!"

Dom laughed. "God, those two! I think they forget the rest of us exist they're so happy in their crazy domestic bubble."

"Psychotic catering," Jaimie laughed. "They ought to start a company."

Then Jax appeared beside her and slinging his arm around her shoulders breathed a raspy, "Hi," into her ear, making her skin tingle.

"I am holding your child," she muttered under her breath. "It's not wise to get me too worked up."

He kissed Nate's blonde curls and then her forehead. "I think he might need a nap," he murmured, "He looks a little tired."

"He's perfectly happy..." Jaimie started to say and then she felt Jax's hand ease down her back and settle on her waist and saw the sexy little grin he had on his face. "Oh..." she laughed.

"I'm a little tired too," he said, giving a clearly false yawn. "And I could do with getting out of these wet shorts."

Jaimie gulped.

"Maybe taking a shower," he added, his wet eyelashes swooping slowly as his eyes flashed naughtily at her.

Jaimie could feel the pressure of him against her hip, and her own loins were suddenly molten. He was making her wet while she stood in their garden, surrounded by her family, holding their child. The man was incorrigible. Then with huge relief, she felt Nate's head slump against her chest and he was suddenly heavy in her arms. Jax's hand slowly caressed her lower back. She glanced around the garden. Dom and Elaine were deep in conversation. Jaimie's dad was poking at the barbecue. The only sign of Steve was his bare feet sticking over the side of a hammock. Her mom's and Gary's voices drifted through the open window.

Jax dipped his head and stroked his nose over her temple, "Come on. They won't miss us."

Jaimie ran a hand over his rock hard bicep. "I love you," she found herself suddenly saying and she could feel him smiling against her cheek.