won't you take me out
to dinner & kiss me in public?
just this once, dear? i need
to be reminded that i'm
more to you than a convenience,
more than just a guaranteed

& shit, i know that wasn't
fair, but i'm tired. exhausted
from all the tip-toeing we
find ourselves obligated to do
for each other.

lately all we seem to do is
fight & sleep & peel each other's
clothes off to keep ourselves
from falling apart.

i don't want to be this way. i want
to kiss on new year's eve and
bake together like we used to,
hold hands and go to the library.
you're the last thing i want to lose, but
this half-love isn't enough for me.

if we can't go back to before, we could
at least build something better from
the ruins left behind. but all that is
in the future, & i'm willing to wait. we
don't have to work it out today.

all i'm asking is for one evening of
candles & smiles & nostalgia.
& darling, won't you take me out to dinner
and kiss me in public, just
once more time?