Dear Dad,

Where are you? I swear- it's been like hell without you here. I miss you, but it's like you don't even seem care. At night, when I'm laying awake in bed, all I can think about is that you're not here. Do you even miss us; mom, Rachael, and me? Or are you just fine with your drinks and mistress? My entire life, I've been constantly asking myself, "Why are you walking away?" Did I make a mistake? Did I do something wrong? Is this really how it's going to end?

Just, answer me this, why are you running away from us? Please, tell me. You're gone, Rachael is being pulled into the wrong crowd, and Mom is depressed. So, is this what you call a family? I'm getting married in a week, and none of my family cares, what kind of family is this? I'd just like to know, what made you leave? Can I fix it? I really want to know so I can fix the family. I've been told that you were caught messing with drugs and you did a bunch of horrible things, and now you're in jail.

I just hope that, when the time comes, I'll be a better father than the one I had. I barely even remember you. I just… I just wish that I had the guts to send this to you…

Hello! This is based off of the song, A Trophy Father's Trophy Son by Sleeping with Sirens. I love that song, and I thought, Hm... I should make this song in the perspective of someone's son, especcially after I read all of the comments on the song and a bunch of peoples stories about their father, I just wanted to write something like this.
So, I'm
sorry that it is short, but this is exactly like I wanted it to be like, and I am very happy with this letter type of thing. I hope that you guys liked it, I look forward to any feedback that you have! Thank you for taking the time to read this!