Lost Meanings

Mistaken I'm sure

I've never met you before

Not that sneaky stare

Nor that faked smile

The feelings of which are vile

Not those hidden intentions

Not your well thought lies

These thoughts with lifespans of flies

Now there was a you that I met

One that would fret fret fret

As if a worried look was due

Even in sunshine you stopped

Though you would never blow your top

But bit your lip and listened

Rubbed your wrists and watched

Stared toward space and thought

You dwelled on it all

Truth was your truth

And lies were your myth

Hate was a fleeting memory

Love was your promise

But now this you is different

Thoughts decided in seconds

Habits and twitches lost

Vanity a reigning force

A mask of certainty

A new black and white world

Never a second lingered

Moving too fast

Thought too quick

Thoughts and feelings fleeting

No, I don't know you

You are surely mistaken

You won't dwell on it but walk away

And make your escapeā€¦ much too quickly