If you knew the truth,

Knew my pain,

Knew I cared,

Knew the realities behind my cold dead eyes,

Maybe you wouldn't have disapointed me so much.

Or maybe I expected too much of you,

After you said those four words,

After you hopped into my bed to comfort me,

Maybe I am dwelling too much on what was,

Not what is,

But what was is easier than what is.

What is is pain so bad it feels like I am dying,

What is is holding back tears,

What is is feeling worthless,

What is is feeling like my life has gone so low.

What is is a never ending struggle of guilt, regret, and feeling like I'll never find love or a simple true friend.

What was was happiness,

Feelings of joy and comfort,

What was was the warmest feeling with you in my arms,

What was was the simple fact that just hearing your voice could make me smile,

What was was the simple comfort and happiness that you had brought with you.

But you are gone,

You called me crazy,

My friends all hate me,

Maybe you were right,

Maybe I am insane,

But you don't remember the warning I gave you,

Cause maybe tonight I will fly away before the dawn...