Roan eyed the little Healer across the Great Hall. The Warrior knew he was unmated; no one with that clean of a scent was. That was surprising and pleasing at the same time for him. Even though he was slight in size compared to him, Roan knew better to underestimate the Healer.

The Sabertooth still didn't know his name, but he was a Hawk. Sharp-eyed with killer senses and talons, the smaller man knew how to defend himself against anyone, even their King, Hades. The Healer was new, transported over from the Fowl Clan. Their other Healer was killed in a fatal cave lock-in two weeks ago.

The Warrior watched on how the firelight glinted off his shoulder-length light brown hair, making it golden. Sharpening his eyesight, he saw how under his shirt there were defined, if but lean muscles. The Healer's shoulders weren't broad, but they weren't slight either. Roan liked that.

The Sabertooth also liked how those shoulders accentuated his lean waist down to his rear. Roan all but growled when he saw the sight of that perfectly rounded backside. Forcing his eyes away from the delectable image, he glanced down at his lean, muscled legs that were long and slender. Perfect to go around his waist.

The Healer's back was to him so he couldn't see his face, much to his annoyance. If his backside was this attractive…well…Roan forced himself to look away. He didn't want to seem already possessive, but he could already see and smell other Warriors' attraction to the new Healer.

Roan didn't like it so he made up his mind to let his interest known for the little Hawk to either accept or reject. The Warrior knew he needed a mate. It has been too long and he was getting older. His mother has been asking more often when he would mate.

Since he was firstborn of his four brothers and two sisters, the pressure to mate was high now. Roan believed now was the right time. There was peace now so he can spend all his time and energy in a mate.

He came out of his thoughts when he saw the Healer turnaround from getting his food and his heart skipped five beats. Roan saw golden skin, high cheekbones, and a soft-looking mouth that begged to be kissed.

Above a regal nose were the most stunning amber-colored eyes the Warrior has ever seen. Immediately, the Warrior was entranced. He knew now he must have this little Healer before anyone else did.