There aren't enough words

In this language of sadness and sorrows

To apologize to you

The life that I stole from you on that day

I can't return it

All I broke is shattered into a million pieces

You trusted me with your secrets, and I answered your hardest questions

But when your body lay broken

On the road in front

The glass peppered your hair

But when no words were spoken

What could I do?

I want to press 'reset' . . .

The days pass by slowly

Agonizing me with their sadness and sorrows

Does anyone know a good cure for depression?
I just keep falling

There were so many ways to prevent it

But no way to fix it

Even if you haunted me

If I knew you loved me

At least once

I'm not getting anywhere. . .

But when my heart is broken

On the road ahead

The bullets push on through

As the words are spoken

What can I do?

I want to press 'reset'. . .

Ghosts cry for their lost lives. . .

Parents cry for their lost daughters. . .

And I lay, alone, with my lost lover. . .

I want to press 'reset'. . .