In the year 5000, we have advanced to a point where we can use supernatural powers at will. These people are called "Breakers". These supernatural powers are broken up into two different groups. Natural Elemental Powers, and Unnatural Elemental Powers. Natural Elemental Powers, or NEP is the elements of nature, fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, etc. Unnatural Elemental Powers or UEP is powers that have no ties with nature. Such as the spawning of weapons without any sort of material at hand.

There is a special school that teaches young Breakers how to control and utilize their power to their best ability. This school is called Soulbreaker Academy. One young Breaker just attended this school, and he is currently on his way there. This young Breaker's name is Satoru Yukikage.

Chapter 1: Renuion

15 year old Satoru Yukikage walked to toward the entrance to Soulbreaker Academy. A huge building structure, about thirty stories high, and extremely wide, about the size of two football fields. Satoru had black, long, shaggy hair, blue eyes, and had a fare skin complexion. A handsome kid, with a fairly muscular build. Satoru looked directly at a scanner that sat within the frame of the gate. "A Force Scanner?" He said looking at the device in awe.

Satoru put his hand directly to the scanner, and poured some of his force into it. "Satoru Yukikage, welcome to Soulbreaker Academy." A robotic voice said, as the gate opened automatically for Satoru.

"Sweetness." Satoru said with a smile on his face. As the gate opened, a pretty, young woman, about 24, stood at the entrance door, waiting for Satoru's arrival. She had brown, silky hair, crimson brown eyes, and a body that was made for the eyes of perverts.

"Welcome Satoru, My name is Asuka Kirisame. I am the principal of this school. It is a pleasure to finally meet you." said the young lady dressed for work.

"Kirisame?" Satoru said, raising an eyebrow. Regardless of his confusion, he followed Asuka as she explained the things they passed by.

"This is the workout room. This place is designed to build up your cardio. The more cardio you have, the more power you can use up without becoming excessively tired in a short amount of time." Asuka said as they passed by men and women moving about at a quick pace.

"This is the meditation room, it is completely silent, and the glass blocks out any noise from the outside. As you know, this school is entirely centered around the build up of your force and ability." Asuka said, as she showed Satoru a small flame in her hand. "If you can control your power, you have no limitations." she continued as they passed the meditation room.

"These classes will teach you various things about the force and the ability. It's origin, the wars it caused, the alliances it made, the lands it created, everything." She said as they passed the classrooms. "You look like the Breaker that loves action, so I think you'll enjoy this one most of all. This is the arena. It holds all the tournaments we have here at Soulbreaker Academy."

"Why tournaments?"

"Occasionally we want to see just how much our students improved over the time they've been studying. First they take a qualification test to see if they're ready for the challenges ahead. That qualification is a scanner that measures your overall status."

"My overall status?"

"Yeah, you know, health, force levels, strength, speed. Based on your levels when you first registered for this school, it will scan to see if you have improved, or if you have been drawn back by something. The higher the level, the higher you're placed, the lower the level, the lower you are placed. Pretty simple really, we do this to prevent any serious injury the students may suffer. Personally, I hate the ranking system, as I hate distinguishing the students. It may feel like we're calling them out, but it's needed, because sometimes these students can get out of hand."

"I see. I understand."

"Everyone here is placed from ranks F to S+. S+ was a recent addition to the rankings because we seem to have a student that has surpassed the levels of everybody in the school."

"Interesting." Satoru said smirking. Asuka and Satoru moved on to the dorms.

"These are the dorms, we don't separate the genders, every student is placed with one male and female. The strengthening of force requires communication and contact. A strong relationship makes a strong team, and a strong person with a strong mindset. It helps them know what they're fighting for. You already have a dorm mate but she is training right now. Her last dorm mate disappeared without notice, and we're still looking in on it." Asuka said sternly.

"Disappeared?" Satoru said concerned.

"Since then we altered the key for these dorms, the only ones who can enter are faculty with the pass code like me, or teachers or masters assigned to you, or the force reading of you or your roommate." Asuka said, slightly going back to the first topic. "Your uniform is already in there, classes are about to be over soon, so you can hang out in here and wait for your roommate to come in."

"Fine with me."

"Great, if you have any questions, or just feel like stopping by for a chat, come to me, my room is on the right by the front entrance, you can't miss it." Asuka said, giving a great lively smile as she walked away.

Satoru entered the room, and it was pretty big. It had two beds, two showers, two of every necessity he needed. Satoru walked in, and it seemed like a highly reserved hotel room for a celebrity or something.

Without wasting too much time, Satoru began to undress, he took off his shirt, and threw it on his bed. He heard the door open, and he turned around to a beautiful girl with silky black hair, crimson brown eyes, and had curves in all the right places. She wore a training bra and legging shorts with slippers, and a towel around her neck as she saw Satoru undress with her eyes wide open. Not in surprise, but more of curiosity.

"R-Raina?" Satoru called out.

"" The girl named Raina called out."

"EHHH~!" They shouted out in unison, as a bird is seen soaring high to the sky.