Chapter 3: Satoru VS Kanda

Raina didn't know what to make of the situation, and neither did Satoru, but instead of backing down, he chose to go for it. "I accept the challenge."

"Very well then, I'm glad to hear it." Kanda said with a unlikable grin.

"What? Satoru he's the strongest student at this school." Raina said noticeably worried for Satoru.

Satoru didn't say a word as he looked into Kanda's eyes. Kanda released the hand of Satoru, and walked toward the door. "Our duel will be in the next hour. Do well to prepare yourself." Kanda walked away with a clear path from the students without another word.

Raina punched Satoru on the head comically and began to yell at him. "Are you out of your mind!" Raina yelled out with a comical face. Satoru held his head as he tried to explain himself.

"I didn't feel anything from him." Satoru answered.

Raina became confused, as if he started to speak a different language.

"When we met gazes just now its like he was looking through me. I never felt such an intense stare. But when I looked at him the same way, I searched his feelings. But that's just it, I felt nothing. His mind was completely clear of any killing intent, confidence, sadness, anger, just clear."

"Searched his feelings? Hey that's how you were able to beat me right? That's why you were so relaxed?"


"Seriously, he was nothing like this in the past. Satoru, just what happened to you in these 10 years?" Raina asked herself as she looked at Satoru with concern.

Word circled around the school about the duel with Satoru and Kanda. The school arena filled up quite nicely after the hour came and passed. The school faculty all sat in one section, while the Student Council sat in another, as well as the rest of the students sat in another.

Asuka sighed for Satoru's hopelessness. "He just transferred yesterday and he's already in fights with people."

Raina walked to the center of the stage, and held a microphone in her hand. She wore a Student Council President badge as it is needed before hosting any school activity.

"Welcome everyone. I'm actually very surprised that the word of this fight spread out this quickly. But without further delay, this will be a 1 on 1 duel. Rules are as followed. You may go as far in the fight as you wish, but try not to kill each other. Our healers and re generators can only do so much. One 1 side we have the new transfer student Satoru Yukikage. And on the other we have the highest ranking student, Kanda Mitarashi. Try not to blow the school up? Thank you."

Raina leaped from the center of the arena to the middle seat of the Student Council section. Just then, the entire arena became quiet, completely focused on the match in front of them. While on the arena Satoru and Kanda are focused on eachother.

Small light orbs began to concentrate toward Satoru's right palm. His black hair flew smoothly with the force concentrated into one area. A few seconds lately a sword appeared in his right hand.

"He developed an unnatural ability type?" Raina thought to herself shocked at this event. Kanda's eyes widened as he looked at the blade in Satoru's hand.

"That blade...So, you harbor the unnatural ability type also eh?"

"You could say that, although its not exactly right." Kanda slightly rose an eyebrow, and readjusted it again after finding out what he meant by that. Kanda began to focus the same type of energy around his palm as well. Just as Satoru created a sword, Kanda created a sword, instead it was black, and looked almost intangible.

"Well then, let's not waste anymore time shall we?" Kanda said.

Kanda rushed toward Satoru but disappeared within the instant. Satoru's eyes widened and he just barely felt a breeze behind him. As Kanda could be seen behind Satoru swinging his blade at his neck, Satoru used his sword to block the blade. He spun around to break the contact of the 2 blades and leaped back as far as he could.

Satoru took off into the air and Kanda followed again taking the offensive and swung the blade diagonally. Satoru shifted his weight while in the air and suddenly became upside down, with his back facing Kanda. He then shifted his body again and brought his open hand to the side as his armed hand came around with the swing while still being upside down.

Kanda blocked the swing without budging even an inch, and pushed the blade, moving Satoru entirely. "He's adding so much of his force to his strength and speed. Yet he seems so natural doing it!" Satoru thought to himself.

"Satoru is trying hard to keep up with him, but Kanda seems to be hardly trying at all." Asuka said while looking up at the action. Kanda swung his entire body around and elbowed Satoru in the face. Satoru's body went flying, but as he recovered himself, he was turned diagonally upside down, he brought his hand out forward, and the area in the air where Kanda was suddenly exploded.

Satoru landed safely on the floor of the arena again and looked up at the smoke of the explosion. "He possesses a fire type ability too? Its rare for someone our age to have more than one ability." Raina said to herself with her eyes widened and her mouth open wide.

All of a sudden, like an illusion, Kanda appeared over him about to slash his head, but Satoru moved on instinct. Yet his cheek got cut from the tip of the sword. Satoru did countless back flips to move away from him and glared at him, as a single drop of blood trailed down his cheek.

"Hey you lasted 2 minutes already, and all you got is a scratch. That's 1 minute and 55 seconds longer than the average opponent. Congratulations." Kanda said smirking at Satoru with his sword resting on his shoulder

Satoru's eyes narrowed on Kanda. "How did you dodge that explosion? That attack is an instantaneous type. There is no time to dodge it, even if you know it's coming.

"There's a reason I haven't been hurt, let alone touched before." Kanda hinted to Satoru.

"I'm not getting it. Not only is it difficult to read his movements, but he's so much quicker, even if he is using his force to speed up. And when he is there, it's still nearly impossible to actually pin point his location exactly. It's like I'm fighting a shadow. Wait! Don't tell me, you mean all this time?!" Satoru thought to himself, finally seeing through his trick.

"It looks like he figured out his trick. He's the first student in the school to see through it." Asuka said smiling.

Satoru distinguished the sword that was in his hand, and stood there helpless now. "Why did you disarm yourself? Are you quitting?

"Far from it actually." Kanda rose an eyebrow, trying to figure out what Satoru had planned to do.

"You see, I just figured out why you're untouchable." Satoru gives a confident smirk of victory.