Chapter 6: Interrogation

"We need to speak to Miyamoto-sensei. Now." Satoru said sternly.

"Why do you want to talk to him at a time like this? What do you know?" Asuka asked, concerned about what Satoru may get himself into.

"Masashi Miyamoto's personality changed over the Christmas break. I find it hard to believe that he just gave up on life so easily."

Asuka slightly turned her sight to Raina, who nodded her head to confirm his story. Asuka looked back at Satoru, who was determined to find the truth.

"Ok then, I'll take you to him, but I'll be supervising you if anything goes wrong."

"Thank you!" Satoru said, easing himself. Asuka took both Raina and Satoru to Hiroshi Miyamoto's lab, where he has everything he needs for new remedies and medication. There, they see Hiroshi with some test tubes.

"Miyamoto-sensei, mind if we interrupt you for a bit?" Asuka asked him.

Hiroshi looked a little concerned already, but kept his calmness and said, "Of course, what is it you need?"

"This boy has a question he would like to ask you."

As Hiroshi sat down, Satoru jumped and sat on top of a long desk. "Miyamoto-sensei, do you know why your son began to act the way he did one month ago?"

Hiroshi's eyes widened to an unnoticeable length, almost like a small twitch. "No, I don't."


Hiroshi looked Satoru as soon as he said that, only to see that Satoru wasn't playing around as it is. "From my understanding, you and your son went home for the Christmas break. Yet you tell me you have no idea what went on through his head?"

"That's right."

"Now I find that very hard to believe. Your son, Masashi Miyamoto, had everything going for him. Amazing talent, personality, amazing friends, and good looks to boot, not to mention a beautiful girlfriend at the time. What's hard to believe is that someone would literally throw all that away for no reason."

"Look, I'm telling you, I don't know what happened. And I don't appreciate you accusing me for my son's behavior."

"Who's accusing you Sensei? No one here is accusing you of anything, but the fact of the matter is your son began to act weirdly after Christmas break, and it was apparent to me that you were with him. So to my understanding, you definitely have some information that you're not telling me, and if you don't tell me now, you might as well be an accomplice to not only his disappearance, but to the recent kidnapping as well! Or even worse, you might as well be the prime suspect."

Hiroshi really didn't like what Satoru was telling him, and Raina had been stressed out by this entire interrogation.

"Ok, I'll tell you what I know. At the beginning, Masashi seemed to be fine. But one day, he took a trip over to his aunt's house, and about 4 hours later, came back with an eerie mood around him."

"Did they get into an argument?"

"I doubt it, he and my sister were very close."

"Your story isn't adding up at all. A young guy with an amazing life just happened to go to his aunt's house, which the relationship there is great, yet comes back depressed as hell? Did she say anything that he didn't want to hear?"

"No, nothing to my knowledge."

"Okay, here's an easier question. Did he even speak to you during the break? Better yet, did he even speak to you at all prior to his disappearance?"

"If you're so eager to know, you should check in with my sister? She lives at the edge of this city, Soulheart City."

"Big Sis, I think its best that only me and Raina go to her. There's no telling what chaos can go down if you're away from the school."

"I planned to anyway, but I trust you two will be vigilant?"

"Don't worry about us. You said it yourself we're the strongest duo." Satoru said smirking and Raina smacking her face with her palm from his knack of letting things go to his head.

Satoru and Raina walked back to their dorms quickly to put on clothing where they can move freely if battle ever came to play. Satoru had on a blue sports tank top with a hood attached. A black wrist band on his right hand, and black jeans with blue sneakers.

Raina had on a black tank top, white armbands that extended from her wrist to the base of her bicep, resting just below her shoulder. Short shorts, with black knee high boots with a low heel, and white knee high socks that rose a little higher than the boots itself.

They left the school grounds and began to walk. The city was very big and very busy. But also very beautiful to look at. It was the largest city in the world.

"So, just how are we getting to the edge of Soulheart City? We're almost directly in the middle of it." Raina asked.

"We can fly." Satoru said.

"You can fly?" Raina asked almost surprised.

"You can't?" Satoru asked wrongly.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Raina asked, hoping for Satoru to adjust himself.

"Not really, but flying is easy. I'm surprised you didn't get it yet."

Raina stared at Satoru, telling him silently to take it back.

"Okay okay, we'll take the express bus." Raina didn't wuite want to hear that, but it was good enough.

As they roamed the city, going to the bus stop, they conversed with each other, but as the conversation continued, it was only inevitable that the kiss would be brought up. Especially rather obliviously by Satoru himself.

"By the way Raina, where did you learn that "kiss of truth" anyway." Raina stopped all movement, and stayed at stiff as a pole with her face red.

Satoru stopped walking looking at Raina confusingly. "Si...ter" She muttered.

"What? I can't here you."

"Sis.r" She muttered again, but a little louder.

"I still can't here you."

"I practiced it with Big Sis alright?!" There was a long pause from both of the characters. Satoru, now stiff as a pole, his face got beet red, and started to stutter.

"Y-you mean you and B-Big Sis?! Asuka?! K-Kirisame-sensei?! That Big Sis?!" Dirty thoughts began to travel through Satoru's mind, as he saw Raina and Asuka about to share a passionate kiss, naked, groping each other's butt.

This time, Raina really gave Satoru the biggest punch over the top of his head she ever gave him yet. People in the surrounding area watched the commotion as if it were street entertainment.

"Don't start imagining perverted things about me and Sis!" Raina said with a comedic, flustered yet enraged expression with her face as red as a scarlet marker.

"What do you expect me to think about?! It's you and Big Sis!" Satoru said grabbing the top of his head, crouching.

"I was going to learn it either way, but I wasn't going to just kiss any random guy! Even if it was for the sake of learning the technique! You're the first guy I ever actually used it on!"

"Oh~, so you swing both ways?"

Raina simply soccer kicked Satoru to the sky and out of sight. Satoru shot up faster than the speed of a bullet.

A few minutes later, they began to walk normally again, continuing where their conversation left off, before it got all hectic.

"The Knowledge Kiss is something only known to Asuka. She called it the Knowledge Kiss, but I didn't like the name so much. So I went with The Kiss of Truth."

"I see."

"Sis is very bright. She studied the medical art of healing. Where the two people must become sexually intimate to heal fatal wounds beyond normal healing, and developed the Kiss of Truth from that ability. Since they both require the sending of force into the target's body, it was relatively easy for her. There are many abilities and contracts that require physical or sexual contact for them to work, and some of them can be quite exhausting, depending on how much force must be used up. The Kiss of Truth can also be exhausting depending on the amount of memories you wish to feed to the target." Raina explained.

"Yeah, that much I know. Hopefully no one will receive any fatal injury here." Satoru added.

Raina nodded in agreement and waited at the bus stop. She looked down to the concrete floor, and called out a name in her head.

"Masashi, I wonder what you're doing right now." Satoru touched Rain's shoulder, and she snapped back into reality. She looked up to see Satoru smiling softly in comfort.

"Don't worry, we'll find him Raina." Raina smiled the same way, and nodded. "Yeah, I know we will."

The bus came, and Satoru and Raina began to travel.

"Yeah, we will find you Masashi." Raina thought in her head once again.

Elsewhere, a young man walked in an ocean of blood, with many corpses, either cut clean through, or ripped apart manually. Fractured bones laid everywhere, organs and other internal muscles oozed out of the corpses, and the guy turned around smiling like the sadist he is..

He had brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He had blood all over his face, and on his hands. This man had been revealed as Masashi Miyamoto.

This is where this arc (Bio Warrior Arc) gets dark and extreme. This arc may end in the next 6 or 7 chapters, then we head on to the next arc. Which will be the main arc to start off the main concept of the series. (Keep in mind this is still the main story, not a side story).