A/N Greetings readers! This story is a combination of two (or three really) roleplays me and my bestest cousin Fachethemagnificent collaborated together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

WARNING: this story portrays intensely romantic and occasionally violent relationships between men. If it doesn't float your boat, please don't read and flame because really guys, it's your choice. If you came here for some sexy M/M action in a kick-ass sci-fi setting, then buckle up!


To go through three navigators in three months was virtually unheard of in the Starfighter program. Most pilots, at that point, would have been removed from the program completely. I, Reza Chaudhri, was not like most pilots, however. I was a genius. I could work through even the most complex problems in a matter of seconds. I was truly one of Terra's best assets. They couldn't afford to get rid of me, and so they were assigning me a fourth navigator. The new boy was supposed to be as much a genius as I was, but little else was known about him by the other pilots and even the other navigators. Personally, I didn't care how smart the boy was. I just wanted somebody who could keep up with me and keep their mouth shut. I hated chatty navigators. Actually, I hated most everybody.
I had gotten the message that I would need to report to Chief Master Sergeant Flint's office just after the morning roll call to meet my new navigator and to receive my next assignment. I was walking quickly through the white, black, and silver hallways of the Command Ship Polaris now, ignoring the occasional calls of greeting from the more overly friendly people on board. Most knew to stay away from me. I liked the solitude and silence the indifference I showed towards others afforded me. Cold dark grey eyes fell on the large round door that led into Flint's office and I paused a moment before tapping once on the door.
"Come in, come in," Flint's rough voice called from somewhere far back in the room behind the door. I stepped back to allow the sensors to detect me and walked in as the door slid open. "Technical Sergeant Chaudhri, how nice of you to finally join us. You're late."
I met his calculating brown stare and set my jaw, one side of mouth quirking up into a sarcastic smirk.
"I wouldn't have been if the men doing roll call knew what the hell they were doing before they got to us," I replied coolly. Flint looked me over and let out a gruff chuckle, sitting down at his desk and motioning for me and the other young man in the room to sit in front of him. "Technical Sergeant Chaudhri, the man sitting beside you now is Staff Sergeant Alyxandir Gryffith. Staff Sergeant Griffith, this is Technical Sergeant Reza Chaudhri. Ignore any of the horror stories you've heard about him, please," he joked, pausing to grin and laugh reassuringly in Alyxandir's direction. "I highly doubt that he's as bad as the stories make him out to be."
"I'm probably worse than they make me out to be," I stated matter-of-factly, glancing in Alyxandir's direction. I gave the navigator a cold once over and laughed once through my nose. "I hope for both our sakes that the saying 'looks can be deceiving' applies... I tend to prefer the fast and furious way over the slow and methodical, kid, so you had better be able to keep up- and do so quietly."


I met Technical Sergeant Reza Chaudri's gaze with what I hoped was assured and cool confidence. The man was a little-well, more than a little-frightening, and I decided that his imposing presence would not be very bearable in a small cockpit. He wasn't scary, really, just...intense. His brow was furrowed ( I had the sneaking suspicion that it was a permanent expression) over his deep eyes that were so dark they were almost black, but they weren't quite. A scar split his left cheek, and it added to the imposing aura.
"Sergeant? Are you listening?"
The Chief Master was looking at me, and I straightened up instinctively. "Yes sir, you were just talking about how Sergeant Chaudri is going to be responsible for me, and that if he makes this one resign within a week he's...well, the point is, I was listening sir." I said, stopping before I got into trouble. But it was too late for that-Reza was already glaring daggers at me; his face even more unnerving when he did that.
"You're giving me a rookie? Has this kid even been off the ground before?" He asked, and I felt my face color slightly-I wasn't much younger than Reza, only two years!
"I have." I said, and looked away from the scalding look I received from my superior. Chief Master Seargeant was frowning sternly at Reza, who glared back for a moment before sighing, picking up his jacket from the back of the chair.
"Fine. Let's go, kid." He said, and I stood up quickly, saluting the Chief Master before hurrying after Reza, who hadn't even bothered. The larger man strode quickly down the hall, and I received surprised, pitying and even disdainful looks from the other soldiers in the hallway as I stayed on Reza's heels.
"Sir, your plane is a SR-71 Blackbird, right?" I asked, and he nodded. I felt my excitement rise, and shook my golden hair out of my eyes. "I've spent a lot of time studying that model-I'll be able to guide you straight and true through any storm." I promised, and Reza rolled his stormy eyes.
"Uh huh. Just try not to get killed, ok?" He said, and I hesitantly touched the LL-30 at my hip. Honestly, I had never had to use it against someone-only in training. I was a good enough shot, but I was a rookie.
"I am a soldier, sir." I said softly, and Reza stopped suddenly, making me run into him.
"I'm not going to put my plane, my mission or my life in the hands of a rookie playing soldier, you got that? You're my Navigator now-show me you deserve it." He said, and I steeled myself and looked back with as much confidence as I could muster. Reza stared me down intensely for a moment before I finally lost my nerve and looked down. Reza made a noise in his throat that could have been disdain or approval, I wasn't entirely sure.
"We start training tomorrow. Try and keep up." He said, and then walked past me and down the corridor, leaving me shaken and wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into.

To be green in the beautiful hour of envy so divine

To be pure, to let chance form your infinite design

Let the seed awakening begin again

I hate the way you judge me

I hate that you're above me

Can't humanity reach a certain point of understanding