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I woke early the next morning and made my way to the Training level of the Command Ship Polaris, hoping to get in a workout before Alyxandir arrived. I arrived donning the typical black canvas jumpsuit that the soldiers wore around the starship, but folded the top half of it down before exercising, leaving my scarred chest and back exposed. Few knew how I had obtained those scars, and I liked it that way. I had always been a very secretive type of person.
By the time Alyx arrived, I had already been exercising for well over an hour, and I turned to face the young Brit slightly winded and glistening with sweat.
"Nice of you to join me," I sighed sardonically, wiping my face with a clean towel as I walked past Alyx. "Did you do much combat training in school?" I looked over the younger male's smaller frame and let out a small scoff, shaking my head. "I'm going to assume the answer is no... Well, you'll be getting more than your fair share of it with me- because if something awful happens, I don't want to risk my ass trying to protect yours if you don't know what you're doing."
I had always been one for the 'learn by experience' approach, as Alyxandir was about to learn all too well. I stopped a few feet from the Navigator, my back to him, and glanced back over my shoulder, crossing my arms and shifting my weight to one hip.
"Hit me," I ordered, turning my head back to the front of the gymnasium. "Don't hold back. Just hit me as hard as you can- if you can hit me, that is."


I was not the violent type, but I was a little angry right now. Reza had basically told me that I was a weakling and to stay out of his way-sure, I was smaller than the older man, but not scrawny by any means!
"Go on, hit me." He was standing there with his bare chest covered in impressive scars, his expression disdainful, his demeanour superior.
So I hit him. I darted my arm out like a snake and Reza had to throw his own arm up to block, looking almost surprised. I pulled my arm back, but Reza caught my wrist, his grip like iron. I spun, ducking under his arm and twisting it, making the pilot release me. I was intensely focused, and Reza's eyes narrowed as he shook his hand.
"You're fast. But I'm faster." He suddenly grabbed both of my wrists and shoved me against the wall, trapping me there.
"Let me go!" I said, struggling against Reza's iron grip futilely. Reza glared at me, pushing me further into the wall. I suddenly wondered if Reza was going to really hurt me, and I flinched away slightly.
Suddenly the pressure on my wrists was gone, and Reza was striding back across the room. I caught the breath that had been frightened out of me, and decided that standing up to Reza might be a bad idea after all.
"Why do you do that?" I called, and Reza stopped, looking back. I pushed myself to my feet, leaning against the wall for support.
"You sense the slightest bit of weakness and pounce on it! Why not teach me instead of just intimidating and abusing me? We're stuck together whether we like it or not!" I shouted, and the pilot frowned deeply.
"You could always apply for a transfer." He said, and I stamped my foot in retaliation.
"That would be quitting! I won't!" I said, and although he couldn't see it, there was fire in my eyes as I stared at Reza. The Persian rolled his eyes, turning away.
"If you want to think of it that way, I suppose I won't stop you. Don't come crying to me if you regret it later." He said, and strode out of the room, leaving me alone.

The fight had been brief, but I found myself quite surprised at how quick Alyxandir was. Of course, I wouldn't admit that to the navigator. I pinned the smaller male against the wall, my grip hard as iron, and glared hostilely at the Brit. I saw him flinch away and chuckled darkly, relinquishing my grip and striding away.
"Why do you do that?"
I spun around at the words, and met Alyx's blue gaze with a glare that was all animosity. Was this navigator really questioning me? "You could alway apply for a transfer."
Quitting? I shook my head and turned on my heel, leaving the room and muttering a quick jeer back over my shoulder.

That afternoon, I left a message that Alyxandir needed to meet me in the flight deck later in the evening. I had received our first assignment that morning, and I wanted to make sure that this new navigator was well-aware of what we would be doing.
I was leaning against the landing gear of my SR-71 Blackbird stealth plane, staring out at the silhouette of the forest canopy against the setting sun. My face and hands were smeared with grease and I had a dirty rag tucked into the back pocket of my jumpsuit. My arms were crossed over my chest, and I had my back to the door, knowing that nobody would be coming to the flight deck at this time as dinner was being served in the Chow Hall- well, nobody except for my navigator, if he had the good sense to follow my orders.


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