Lost Dreams

Chapter one: The bad day

"Get up, get up!" a voice calls me out of my slumber. I open my eyes to find that it is just my annoying sister. I glare at her irritated as she flashes me a smile. She mocks me with her ever annoying voice, "What? Are you disappointed Alana that it is just me and not your 'prince', he is never going to come and get you." This frustrates me, I mean why does she always bester me about this dream; I should have never told her in the first place. "Oh, just shut up Emma," I toss the words as casually as I can, as I toss my shoe at her as well. She dodges it, too bad; I would have had a much quieter morning if it had hit her. She runs out of my room, probably afraid of another shoe being thrown at her and I laugh to myself. I swear she has to be the most annoying elf in town; well not that it is hard. Being the only elves in the entre kingdom makes it rather easy, to be exact.
I get up and look around my room. The place is a mess! I had just cleaned it yesterday though. My sister must have gotten into my things again looking for some toy to play with. I'll get her back for it later in the day, maybe an animal in her shoe. I look around and Pick out the first pair of clothes that are not on the floor and throw them on. I turn and look in the mirror as I pull on my shoes and groan. It was my least favorite outfit. A bland tan long sleeve shirt and the bluest pair of jeans I own. I sigh in despair and give up pulling my hair up into a bun and walking out into the kitchen, kicking a path as I go. Well that is if you can call it a kitchen, it is over cluttered in junk. The only thing besides the mounds of various objects my mother brings home is a small counter with a sink and a single burner stove. I sigh at the disgrace of a kitchen as I walk over to the sink witch is centered underneath a small single pane window. There lying in its usual place is a list of food for the day. I grab it and turn walking out taking my bag with me not really looking at things and walk out.
I look about and take in the street again. It is a quiet clean wealthy neighborhood and unlike the other houses our house is nothing but a cellar installment, nice and out of the way. I pull the list out of my bag and look over the list. I sigh in frustration as I read it, it figures, mom wants all the hard to get stuff again. I read down the list and think of how to get them with the little money we have. Of course in order to get it all a little 'discount' is needed. I reach the bottom of the list and gasp at the word written, she could not seriously want it. There is no way I can buy it or steal it either. Seriously, watermelon, what could my mother be thinking. Oh well I won't question her, even though I never see her. I'll just get it to keep her happy with me.
I have gotten everything on my list now except from my mother's dreaded whimsical want. I'll do this for fun, let's try it. The usual routine is put into ploy; look, act, and wait for him to look away then swipe. Now just walk away. An unusual clamor starts behind me, crap he saw. I break into a run dropping the watermelon and leaving it there. If I am as lucky as every other day I can get out in just enough time. Noise builds behind me and I can make out lots of footsteps in the noise, guards; now I am in for it. I steal a glance behind me and see the lager built guards, the more pugnacious ones to. There is no way I can win in a fight against these guys if I am just fast enough I can make it away. I slip down a narrower one of the streets and pause scared. The street was a dead end, I am trapped with no escape, what do I do now?