Innocent little girl don't you cry now.
The world isn't truly cold outside.
What happening to you isn't right?

Poor child there is no one that cares or so you think.
You feel the darkness growing around you and within.
You think you can't trust anyone.
You don't know what he's doing is a crime and sinful.

The one who swore to protect you denies anything going on.
She doesn't see your pain.
She just shoots herself up with drugs.
She doesn't even know when it ends.

A heart and tears are silence behind the doors.
Your heart is faintly beating.
What you don't know is that someone is going to save you.
His secret shall be seen in the day time.

One day you'll be a young woman living in the present and not the past.
I know you will because I was there once.
One day you'll truly be happy again.
I know you will because I am now.
Life is like a river and things do get better in time.