When will it stop?! All this arguing, over stupid little things! Why can't you two have a conversation without raising your voices at each other! I don't get why you haven't left him yet, sometimes I think he's worse then my father, only because at least my father had the decency to tell me how he actually felt when he felt it, not wait till everything cannot be bottled up anymore and then lash out, raise his voice, at everyone, not just you, but your daughters too. Yeah sure my dad hit me, but it was me going through the pain not you. For some reason children feel protective over their parents, and well that means I feel protective towards you, maybe its because I don't want to see you be put through what I was put through, because I know how bad it hurts. But when your boyfriend is being a total jerk to you, and you just let him lash out, it's ridiculous! your the f****ing adult, do something about it! Because he's a total ass and I can't believe you haven't seen that! Yes, you are a b**ch but that's because you're a female, we sort of have the right, and although your stupid boyfriend doesn't hit you, that doesn't mean he's not abusive! He is emotionally draining you of any self confidence you have! This happens all the time! He brings you up only to tear you down harder every time! When will you realize this? You've seen it before, when your best friend had dated all of those abusive guys. You saw it coming when she didn't. Now I'm telling you what I see, but obviously you are not going to listen to your daughter, who knows the signs of any abuse too, because I was put through it, you were never present. You only saw the aftermath of the abuse I was put through, the put downs making me feel horrible about myself, making me believe I was ugly, and stupid, and worthless. I couldn't get away because I was a child, but you, you're a freaking adult here! Why don't you just pack up and leave? I don't get how you're stuck here, he's not the type to follow you if you leave, he's not going to kill you because you left him. He may bad mouth you, but so what, at least you got away from all the pain you were being put through! I had a choice to leave my abuser, finally, and I did and I am only sixteen! He didn't follow me and do anything more, you are thirty nine years old for god sakes, leave him before you become depressed. Before I leave for good next time, and you have no one to put up with your lashings, because I am done. I really am, and if you can't do what's best for you, best for your kids, then I am sorry, but you do not deserve to raise us anymore. Its not like you really did anyway. I was raised by many other people including myself, then I was left to raise my sister, but you don't wan to see that. Now you take off work just to help him with his kids, to raise his kids, like you never raised us. Are you trying to make up for something you never did? It's a little too late for that.