The sun was setting outside the compound, casting its orange rays across the sky as the young woman stepped onto the platform.

She was the person chosen from the millions of applicants, but not for her skills. She was chosen because of her genetics. Lying dormant in her DNA was an aberrant gene that when activated, should significantly decrease her aging process. This girl was the result of nearly a thousand years worth of genetic planning, monitoring and man-made change.

The people responsible for the appearance of this gene were a widespread organization that had only one goal, and didn't care how they attained it.

Eternal Life.

Of course, eternal life wasn't on the application form. The procedure she believed she was undergoing was one that was meant to erase any possibility of cancer in later life, and there may have been something in the fine print about the possible side effect of an increased life span.

"Audrey, are you ready?" A voice asked over the intercom. Audrey couldn't see anyone since the machine she had stepped into on the platform was lead lined and couldn't afford the luxury of glass due the radiation used in the procedure.

She took a deep breath to steady her frazzled nerves.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she replied, pressing the intercom button.

There was a low humming sound as the machine's engines started to spring to life. It grew steadily louder, until the noise cancelling headphones that all staff members were wearing was the only barrier between them and certain deafness.

Audrey, tucked away inside her lead lined box, could barely hear a thing.

Then, without warning, Audrey felt as though she was on fire. All her muscles and bones were searing in pain. As it grew more intense, she started screaming, bashing on the door.

"Stop! Please stop!" she managed to scream through the blinding pain. But no one answered. Whether they could hear or not, the experiment continued…

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