The next couple of days passed without much consequence. A bit of blood was taken everyday for further testing, which meant that Soren and Audrey saw a fair bit of each other. Soren found himself enjoying her company, which he disliked. He also noticed that as each day passed, Audrey seemed more restless. If they didn't let her leave her room soon, she'd leave it herself. She'd already noticed that the door to her room was locked which had raised some tension and suspicion. Soren had been forced to think of a cover story, which was fairly flimsy.

Finally, after three days and the fourth time Audrey had asked when she was going home she had become cranky and yelled at him. Soren was forced to bring it up with Mr. Finnegan.

"And what do you want me to do about it, Soren?" Kyle Finnegan shot him a glare.

"Her believing she's here of her own free will isn't necessary, it is simply designed to make your dealings with her easier. We have bigger concerns at the moment. Flyer Corp. might be onto us."

"What?" Soren started in shock. "How did I not know about this?" Soren gained his cool and returned Finnegan's glare. Finnegan shook his head.

"Because we only just realized. The man we kept to report into their HQ has been slipping them information since yesterday. We think he wasn't doing it at first because he wanted to live, then when he realized that he wasn't going to be killed anytime soon he got brave," Another man in the room spoke, his name was James Reilly, second in command.

"We aren't sure how much time we have before they realize what happened to their people, we're thinking of moving out and going to HQ. We're too vulnerable here, but we need your opinion on the girl," Finnegan looked at Soren expectantly. "Did their experiment work? Was the gene activated?"

Soren paused, he wasn't sure he wanted to answer, he didn't know yet.

"Yes Sir, it was," Soren almost sighed. Audrey was about to have a very tough life.

"What happened to the man?" asked Soren, trying to distract himself.

"He's not worried about living anymore," Mr. Finnegan looked away, a hint of steel in his voice...


Back in her room, a little while later, Audrey was pacing. She was going out of her mind. The next time that scrawny, rotten, tight-arse of a doctor walked in the door she was going to give him a piece of her mind. She felt like a prisoner, and she was sick of it. Without warning, a loud siren started blaring and her door flung open and the nurse who had been caring for her for the past couple of days hurried in. Audrey was about to turn her frustrations on the nurse, but then she saw the look in her eyes, fear.

"We have to leave. Now!" The nurse grabbed Audrey's wrist and dragged her out the door, and started pulling her down the hallway at a running pace. There were sirens ringing across the facility, and Audrey could see people hurriedly packing kits away and busing themselves with important tasks. To her horror, she spotted a man carrying a huge gun, like one that you see the army people carrying.

"We don't have much time, we need to get you to safety."

"What's happening?" Audrey was nervous and confused, and tempted to try and pull away from the terrified nurse, why were there guns here?

"They'll explain en-route. No time now. Don't stop running, nearly at the vehicles,"

Audrey gasped in surprise as they went through a door and ended up in an ambulance bay that looked like it had been converted into an army base. She'd had little experience with anything to do with weapons or war and everything she was seeing made her terrified.

They arrived at car, a surprisingly normal car among the mess or war-like objects. She could see Dr. Callaghan sitting in the drivers' seat, and another man in one of the back passenger seats.

"Get in, we haven't got much time!" The nurse opened the back seat door and shoved Audrey inside. Audrey would have protested the rough handling of her but she was feeding off the energy of the room and was too worried to care. The nurse jumped into the front seat next to the doctor and the man sitting next to Audrey barked an order.

"Step on it, Soren!"

The car engine revved, and they took off through the open bay doors into the night.

Where is Audrey going? What will happen? Oh it's all terribly exciting!
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