It has been nine years ago since this happened and the memory is a little faded but the feeling I had that night is still alive as much as then.

It was during my army time. I was stationed in a border army in the middle of the wood that was shared by two eastern European countries. I was there for about two months, and I can tell you; it was dreadful. As you can imagine there was absolutely nothing to do during the day and the nights weren't any better. Occasional "supplies" that came once in two weeks made it a little easier. It wasn't until one night that it all changed.

That night it was my turn to guard the post. I and soldier who I will name "John" were stationed in the lookout. During this two month period I was there I never noticed anything strange; except that one time a boar came right into our camp.

Anyway; in the middle of a card game we received a radio call. Normally, a radio call wouldn't be weird, but this one didn't come from any of the stations we contacted with. The voice that came from the radio transmitter wasn't familiar to me and I didn't understand a word, but John knew the language. It came from a soldier across the border. He said that he is near our position and was asking for a permission to enter the camp. As strange as this call was, one thing stuck out the most. He was breathing heavily and stuttered a lot. John told me to call the captain while he talked to the soldier from the radio.

It was around five minutes later that captain and I arrived. Captain asked John about the situation but John didn't answer. His face was pale as a corpse. John said: "He... He just...He's dead, captain." I had never, until then; saw a person that scared as John was then. Captain asked what had happened, but John was still in shock and only mumbled some words. He told me to get John together while he immediately called the station that was located just outside the wood and informed them about the situation. I brought John some water and asked him what had happened. He was shaking and after he managed to get a sip he said: "He was screaming. Something got him..." I asked him if he said anything, to which John responded: "He said it killed everyone. Everyone in his camp and it's..." Captain interrupted him: "Wake everybody up. Get them to their positions."

"Get up! Everybody, wake up!" I shouted as I run throughout the sleep facility. Next thing I remember is standing in line in front of the captain.

"Where is John, sir?" I asked when I noticed that John wasn't there. "He is going to our base near the town. Orders from above." I knew something was off. "It's because what he heard, sir. Isn't it?" The other soldiers started asking questions. "Enough! I'll tell you everything you need to know. And it is to get to your positions. We are in level 2 alert."

This was the first time since I was here that anything out of ordinary happened and from what I had heard the first time since the war that ended eleven years ago. Each one of us got on their position. Mine was right next to the entrance in the woods. It was cloudless night and since we put out all lights in the camp the only thing that gave us some light was the moon. Occasional birds that fled in the dark of the trees made it look like something much scarier than it really is.

For about an hour nothing had happened. Then I heard some loud voices. They came from the other side of the camp. It was a fellow soldier that was doing the yelling. He was being held by the captain and two other soldiers. "Let me go! I saw it! I heard it!" It was obvious that he was not lying. His face had the same expression as Johns. It was pure fear. Something I never saw before.

"What did you see?" Captain asked. "I don't really know, sir. It was very dark. But I know i saw something... Big." Captain tried to reason him. "Big? You saw a bear, didn't you? Even the most harmless thing looks like a monster in the dark."

"Believe me sir. Harmless is the last thing that "thing" was." "Well, I guess we have to bring out he big guns then. Am I right boys or am I right." said a soldier whose name was Ivan. He was a tough guy and always in the middle of attention whether it was training or something else. He was also the one I was closest with during my time there.

Not a few seconds later we all heard the sound that scared itself deep into my brain. A mixture of scream and roar came deep from the woods. "Everybody arm yourself and get to your position. This is level 3 threat. I'm calling the base. Ivan comes with me." Captain said while heading to the station. I went back to my position and waited. I was still hoping it will all end well. But in my wildest and scariest dreams I couldn't have dreamt what was about to happen.

It was 3 past midnight and I was on my position. Ivan was with captain and they had just made a call to the base outside the woods. When he came to talk with me he said that they asked for assistance but the base refused.

Ivan said that it was the first time he saw Captain so hopeless. It was obvious now that things weren't going to end pretty. "It will all be alright." Ivan said patting me on the shoulder just as he went to the hangar. "I'm getting us two real weapons." That was the last time that I saw him.

Couple of minutes passed and I started to worry. Ivan hadn't returned jet and the fear of not knowing what and when will something jump out of woods became unalterable. I headed to the hangar when I noticed something. Out there in the dark some trees were moving in unnatural manner. That was good enough sign for me and I started shooting out of my gun. As my bandolier emptied couple of soldiers came running to me.

"What are you shooting at?" one of them asked. "There was something among the trees." I said. "Have you seen Ivan? He went to hangar before but..." I was interrupted by a loud scream.

There it was. A soldier being shredded to pieces by the creature that seemed to just came out of the deepest pit from hell. Every one of us started shooting from our arsenal. Believe me or not, it did the thing no harm. I didn't think twice. I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could.

The screaming and yelling ceased and the camp got out of sight when I looked back. I was now alone in the middle of dirt road and although nearest base was 57 miles away it didn't stop me from running.

After a while I started noticing something. It was as I had someones eyes on the back of my head, looking at me from the dark. That felling is forever carved in my brain. Legs started to betray me and as my running became slower the noise in the woods became stronger.