She was sitting on the fountain, not one clue that he was watching her. He loved everything about her, the way her whole body shook when she laughed, the way her blonde hair fell in natural waves down her back, how she was always smiling and that sparkle in her green, almost emerald like eyes. The one thing he didn't love, was that everyone loved her; he wanted her to himself and he knew that was near enough impossible. She was perfect, she was the nicest girl he knew; she was pure, everyone knew that. It's what makes the girls respect her, and what makes the boys want her even more, they all wanted to be the one to take it away from her, but no one could persuade her, she wanted to save herself.

He felt himself go tense as he saw another boy approach her. He knew this boy, he was in their year, 17 years old, short black hair, brown eyes and again almost everything was perfect about this boy. He hated the way she smiled at him, wishing that he was sitting next to her instead of Mr Perfect. He felt sick as he watched the little group in front of him, it reminded him of something you would see in one of those high school, teenager films where everyone has it great and in the end Mr and Mrs Perfect ended up going prom together. He quickly looked around him to make sure no one was paying attention before snapping another photo of the girl, he smiled at the outcome. He wanted her to be his, and he was going to do everything in his power to make sure it ends up that way. The bell rang and he quickly took a couple more pictures of her before she ran to class, though she slowly came to a stop, she had the feeling that someone was watching her, he was sure that she caught him, but when he saw her shrug and carry on making her way to class, he smiled again: Alison Green would be his.

Chapter One

The buzzing of her mobile phone got louder and louder the longer she left it. She tried to drown out the sound by covering her head with the pillow, when it made no difference she finally gave up and got out of bed. She walked over to her wardrobe and grabbed a jacket before heading downstairs.

"Good morning Ali." A middle aged woman greeted her while frying some bacon in the sauce pan.

"Good morning Clara." She smiled sweetly at her aunt as she took a seat at the table.

"You got up a little later than usual this morning, are you feeling okay?" Clara asked, usually Ali would be up before any of the breakfast started cooking.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just one of those days." She smiled.

"Your uncle has already left for work by the way." Ali's uncle was named Tony; he was a nice man and worked very hard to keep food on the table. Ali nodded as she took a bite of her toast that was already set on the table. "Do you mind going wake up Jack and Lucy for me?" She nods as she takes a final bite of her toast and head upstairs to wake her cousins. Not many people knew of Ali's situation, they thought they knew but what they did was a lie, it was thought that Alison was living with her Aunt and Uncle because they lived in a better area than what Alison did live in and her mother and father wanted her to grow up in a respectable area with a good education, they believed that eventually her parents would move out here as well. The real situation was that her father died when she was only 3 years old and after that her mother didn't want her, so her aunt Clara took her in and raised her just like her other two children, Jack and Lucy. Jack was only a year older than Alison, they fought like brother and sister but they loved each other to bits, he took after his dad, Tony,, dark brown hair with matching eyes, he very handsome just like Tony, he was like a younger version of him. Lucy was only 4 years old, she shared Alison's blonde hair, Clara and Alison's mom had the same hair as well, so Alison got mistaken for Clara's daughter quite a lot.

"Jack wake up! Last day of school." Ali banged on his door and shouted. She walked up the hall to Lucy's room; she opened the door slowly and walked over to her bed.

"Lucy, come on sweety time to get up. You need to go nursery!" She said in a much gentler tone. Lucy got up slowly, rubbing her eyes and nodded. She grabbed Alison's hand and walked downstairs with her. In the kitchen Clara was still cooking and Jack was at the table with his head in his hands.

"How come you don't wake me up like you wake her up?" Jack said looking up and pointing at his little sister.

"Because Jack, you are not a 4 year old girl." She laughed, along with Clara and Lucy.

"Morning everyone!" A voice shouted from the front door, a few moments later Jacks best friend, Sean walked into the kitchen. "Something smells great Mrs Jackson!" He said taking a peak at what Clara was cooking.

"Well thank you Sean! And please, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Clara!" Clara smiled, putting a piece of crispy bacon on a plate with some eggs. "Calling me Mrs Jackson makes me feel like I'm a million years old!"

"Aw Clara, you still look young as ever! If you weren't married I definitely would!" He said in a joking tone.

"Dude!" Jack said smacking his best friend in the back of his head, while Clara just blushed and laughed. Alison rolled her eyes, Sean Matthews was one of those guys who everyone loved, sure, everyone loved Alison as well, and Alison liked everyone, but Sean was just one guy she couldn't stand, sure he was good looking, with his light brown hair that was like a surfers cut. And then his eyes, they were grey but had tints of blue and when he smiled his whole face lit up, he looked perfect but she hated him.

"I'm going to go get ready." She said heading upstairs. After she took a shower and dried her hair she decided to leave it down in its natural waves. She stuck on a pair of light blue jeans a plain white tank top and then her trusty leather jacket. She then spent 10 minutes doing her make-up, consisting of foundation, bronzer, mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. She grabbed her bag with all her books in; finally she slipped on her black ballet pumps and ran downstairs.

"Just in time. We were about to leave without." Jack said about to leave the house.

"Okay! Let me just say bye." She ran into the kitchen and said bye to Clara and Lucy. "Are we not taking your car Jack?" She said as she stepped outside seeing Jack getting into Sean's car.

"Nope, Sean's today." He smiled. Alison sighed and got in the back of the car.

"So Ali" Sean started, "Still hate my guts?" He smiled.

"Yes Sean, yes I do." She smiled back at him and then looked out the window frowning.

"How come I'm the only person you hate?" Before she could answer Jack spoke,

"You should take it as a compliment mate; you're probably the only person she's truthful with. There's no way she can like all of the people she claims she does. In fact she probably doesn't hate you, but loves you!"

"Shut up Jack!" Both boys laughed.

"Aw thanks babe, love you too!" Sean said still smiling. Alison rolled her eyes and just looked out the window. Jack looked back at her, she didn't quite look herself, and he could tell that something was wrong with her.

"Hey Ali, you okay?"

"I'm fine." She replied not looking at him. Jack tried to think of something that could have made her upset, he searched his mind for a while before he finally realised, today was the anniversary of her dad's death. Even though she could barely remember her dad, she still missed him, all her memories that she had with him are on tape.

"We're here." Sean said turning off the car engine, neither Jack nor Ali realised that they had pulled into the school parking lot.

"See you later." Alison said to them both before walking off in the direction of where her and her friends always hung out.

"Is she okay? She didn't seem herself in the car." Sean said slinging his backpack on one shoulder.

"Todays the anniversary of her dads death." Jack said doing the same with his backpack.

"Oh shit..." Sean was the only other person who knew about Alison's situation considering that he has known the Jacksons for basically forever.

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