Chapter Two

"Hey Ali" Tiffany Parker, Alison's best friend greeted her as she sat down on the fountain.

"Hey." She smiled back at her friend.

"Are you okay? You don't look yourself."

"Oh my god! I wish everyone would stop asking me that! I'm fine okay, just having one of those days." Alison snapped at her friend without meaning too.

"But you never have 'one of those days'." Tiffany pushed.

"Tiff, everyone has those days okay!"

"Okay! Hey, Jason is coming! I'll leave you too it." Tiffany winked before running off. Jason Stone was Alison's boyfriend of a year and a half, she loved him to bits. He, of course was the captain of the football team, he had black hair and brown eyes, and she thought he was gorgeous along with every other girl in the school.

"Hey." She said smiling as he reached her.

"Hi." He said back.

"I'm so glad you decided to come in today I'm not really have-" He interrupted her before she could continue.

"Listen, Alison; I think we should break up." He said, not seeming to be bothered.

"What?" She asked shocked.

"I'm getting tired of waiting for you, I mean I'm a guy Ali I have needs." He said.

"What? So you're breaking up with me because I won't have sex with you?" She said angry now.

"I'm going away in the summer, and if we stay together I can't promise that I won't sleep with girls there. After the summer is over, I'll gladly go out with you again, I'll go prom with you next year, we can book a hotel room and-" It was Alison's turn to interrupt him.

"No! If you're breaking up with me now just so you can go sleep with some sluts in the summer then we are never getting back together! You only want go prom with me so you can get me drunk and then have sex with me! If you break up with me now, we're broken up forever." She said feeling tears in her eyes.

"Okay then." He shrugged his shoulders and walked off. She sat back down eyes wide and felt the tears start to fall. The bell rang and all the students made their way to class but Alison stayed where she was; a few people lingered by her seeing her cry, so she picked up her bag and ran to the back of the school where no one would be. She finally reached a tree and collapsed behind it crying, everyone saw her as little miss perfect, everyone thought she had a perfect life, she hated that. She just wished that people would see her as a real person.

"Ali?" She jumped at the voice that came from behind her; she looked behind her and saw an unfamiliar face.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Jeremy Carter. I'm in your English class." He smiled, she stared at him, she tried to remember him but truth is she couldn't, but she nodded like she knew. This boy had dirty blonde hair that needed a good wash, a few pimples covered his forehead and his teeth were slightly crooked. "Are you okay?" He said sitting by her.

"I'm fine! Won't you just leave me alone! What are you even doing here, you're supposed to be in class, and did you follow me or something?" She shouted at him standing up, "By the way it's really creepy that you know who I am considering that we've never talked before. And don't call me Ali, only my friends call me that" She snapped and stormed off, she felt bad for taking it out on this kid, she made a mental note to apologise later if she saw him. She made her way into the school and went up to second floor, she already missed half of class so she didn't see any point in going so she just wandered through the halls avoiding any teachers.

"Ali?" She sighed and turned around; she came face to face with Sean. She instantly wiped at her eyes trying get rid of any evidence that she'd been crying.

"Hi." She said trying to avoid looking at him.

"Have you been crying?" He asked, concern in his eyes.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class?" She asked trying to change the subject.

"Study period. Aren't you supposed to be in class?" He raised an eyebrow. She sighed and nodded. "Come on, we'll get caught just standing around here." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside the school and to the back again where she just recently shouted at Jeremy, luckily she wasn't here anymore. "So what's up?" Sean asked sitting down, she sat down by him and sighed again.

"Nothing, just like I said before."

"Obviously there's something wrong, you don't cry for no reason." He said leaning back against the tree.

"Why do you even care? I said I hated you this morning."

"Because I know that means you secretly love me, and I know you're having a rough day, with the anniversary of your dad's death… How come Jason isn't with you anyway? Thought he would be with you playing the 'comforting boyfriend' role?" Instead of answering, Alison just started crying again. "Whoa hold the water works! Why are you crying? What's wrong?"

"Jason broke up with me." She sobbed.


"Because I wouldn't have sex with him. That's probably all he wanted from me! I can't believe I was so stupid to think that he actually didn't care about sex all that much."

"That is what guys think about 99% of the time..." He joked, "He was a jerk anyway, and I mean come on! Going out with the captain of the football team is like so last year." He said, putting on his best gay voice, Alison laughed a little and he smiled; he hated seeing her cry. After a moment of silence she finally spoke up.

"I'm sorry." He looked confused.

"What for?"

"Saying I hate you.. I don't.. I just dislike you a lot!" She laughed again.

"Well I dislike you a lot too kid." He laughed, he looked at his watch. "It's time for next lesson, you going keep to your good girl role or you turning into a rebel now? Get to class!"

"I'm going! I don't want to hang out with you for longer than I have too." She laughed again and she got up and entered the school, 'Maybe he isn't that bad after all..' She thought to herself. Walking through the halls she laid eyes on that Jeremy Carter kid. "Jeremy!" She called running through the crowd of people towards him. He turned around and saw her and a scowl took place on his face.

"What's wrong weren't you done shouting at me earlier?"

"No, I mean yes.. I mean I'm sorry. I wasn't having a very good morning and it was wrong of me to take it out on you. I didn't mean any of those horrible things I said, can you forgive me?"

"I guess… It's not like you seem a genuinely nasty person, not that I watch you or anything!" He said quickly.

"No I wouldn't think you did! Thanks Jeremy, so I'll see you in English!" She said happier and bounced of down the hall way.

"Alison!" She heard a voice shout her, she looked over to where the voice came from and saw her best friend Tiffany waving her over.

"Hey Tiff."

"Are you okay? I heard about you and Jason." She said hugging Ali.

"I'm fine, well better than I was this morning." Ali smiled.

"I heard, everyone was talking about how they saw you basically having a break down afterwards!"

"I wouldn't necessarily say I was having a break down… And he didn't exactly pick the best day to do it.."

"Aw babe! It's okay, we've all been broken up with before! Anyway got to get to class, bye!" She closed her locked and skipped down the hallway.

"Alison." She sighed as she heard a male voice say from behind her.

"What do you want?" She turned around to face Jason.

"To talk. I heard about your breakdown after I broke up with you."

"It wasn't a breakdown!" She defended.

"But you can't go being upset about the relationship ending when you won't even put out." Before she even knew what she was doing she slapped him across the face, causing everyone to stop and look at them.

"You're a complete jerk!" She said before finally making her way to class. The rest of the day didn't go as fast as she would of liked. Most of her classes dragged on, she had to listen to most people talk about her and Jason's break up and how she slapped him, by lunch the slapped turned into a punch and by the end of the lesson she full on body slammed him to the floor, although she had no idea where that came from and who would actually believe considering she was only 5'4 and he was 6'2.

She made her way to the front of the school where she was supposed to be meeting Jack and Sean for a lift home when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and met a pair of blue eyes, she took a step back and saw a boy she hadn't seen before in her life. He had copper hair, he was tall and was smiling madly at her.

"You're Alison right?"

"Yes. And you are?" She asked confused.

"Mike Richards." He smiled.

"Hello Mike Richards, can I help you?" She raised her eyebrows.

"No not really. But I heard about you 'body slamming' Jason Stone earlier." He laughed, "I thought it was near enough impossible for anyone to body slam him, now I find it even harder to believe that you body slammed him seeing you stand in front of me right now."

"Well, obviously that was just a rumour. Is there anything else? Because I need to get to my locker and meet my brother and friend."

"Nope, go right ahead." He smiled and walked away. 'That boy is creepy.' She thought. When she finally got to her locker and opened it to see if there was anything she needed before summer holidays an envelope fell out, she picked it up and saw it was addressed to her, obviously; it read:

Alison, I've been wanting to tell you all year that I've loved you. All I can imagine in my future is being with you forever, the more I've watched you the more I want to be closer to you. Don't worry, I'll find a way to be with you.

"What the hell.." She said to herself, not sure what to think of the note. She figured it was probably one of her friends playing a prank on her. She looked up at the right time to catch Tiffany walking down the hall. "Very funny Tiffany!" She said as her best friend approached her.


"Don't play dumb, I know you wrote that note."

"What note?" Tiffany asked, looking genuinely confused. Ali passed Tiffany the note. "Wow, I didn't write that!"

"Then who did?"

"I don't know. Maybe Jack or Sean? Or maybe you have a secret admirer!" Her friend got excited by the idea.

"I'll ask them in a bit, I'll text you later!" They hugged and made their separate ways. Alison finally got to the front of the school where she saw Jack and Sean waiting for her. "Okay, whose idea was it?"

"Whose idea was what?" Jack asked standing up straight.

"To write this stupid note and stuff it in my locker?" She handed her cousin the note and both boys read it. Their reactions were a little different to Tiffany's.

"The fuck is this freak?" Sean said.

"He's been watching you? That's creepy Ali, stay away from this guy." Jack said.

"How can I stay away from him if I don't know who it is!"

"Well it's summer now, least he can't watch you if you're not in school!" Sean said laughing. The three of them got in the car and started to drive home, "Anyway we heard you body slammed Jason into the floor!" Sean said laughing and almost crashed.

"Yeah, nice one Cuz! I never liked the guy." Jack said laughing as well. She laughed along with them not bother to correct them, they probably knew anyway

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