Character Fact File: Lady Macbeth

Done for my A Level drama monologue for the prep work. I'm doing the sleepwalking scene. If anyone has anything else to add, just pop it in a review so I can improve it. Feel free to borrow for either English or Drama, or redistribute where required.
Jinx Star

Name of character: Lady Macbeth
Age: Mid- to late-30's
Social status: Upper class background and social status
Family situation: Married to Macbeth, no children
Relationships: Married
Work: None
Important past experiences:

Decides Macbeth will be King.

Invites the spirits of evil to enter her.

Lost a child earlier in life.


To be cleansed of guilt.

To have her former closeness with Macbeth restored


Being found out.

Macbeth's continued killing

What do they want out of life?:

Start of the play: Macbeth to be King

Sleepwalking scene: To be free of guilt and regain closeness with Macbeth

Character traits/ personality: manipulative, vindictive, sociopathic, psychopathic, selfish, evil, cruel, clever, greedy, insane, sexist.
Health: Mentally unstable.
Themes of the play: Guilt, order, disorder, superstition, bravery, gender, ambition, good, evil, trust, betrayal, power and abuse of power.
How does your character embody/express themes of the play?: Lady Macbeth shows guilt in the sleepwalking scene, and it also shows the fine line between good and evil in her character, as she feels guilt for something evil she has done, and therefore makes her good
Other information: The most evil feminine character created by Shakespeare. Is a Satanist.