The bat felt like dead weight in my hands. I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill my sister. She walked toward me slowly, a dead look in her eyes. Her once beautiful blond hair was soaked in blood and her dress was torn in multiple places. "Melanie…" I said sadly. Melanie's mouth opened and closed showing her teeth. They were sharp and decayed. She uttered a low growl. "I'm sorry…" I whispered, swinging the metal bat. It connected with her skull, and a sickening crack has heard. Gray matter oozed from the fresh wound. Is that..her brain? I thought, disgusted. I swung the bat again, and her head was hanging by a thin strip of skin. Melanie fell to the ground, and her body twitched violently. I heard more of the monsters, and ran.

A/n: Why I wrote this I have no clue. The thought popped into my head while listening to Luke Bryan music. Weird…anyways this is this.