The Girl in the Mirror

Beautiful, pretty, smart

Really nice and sweet

That might be how the mirror sees me,

But that's not who I see in the mirror.

I see a girl who is unwanted

A girl who isn't needed

I see a girl who's insecure

The girl in the mirror.

She thinks that she's not athletic

She thinks that she's worth nothing

She thinks that nobody likes her

The girl in the mirror.

She loves the world and everyone around her

She wants others to treat her well

She just wants love and happiness

The girl in the mirror.

She wants to pop

She wants to shine

She wants to be like the others

The girl in the mirror.

The mind can be boggling

And confusing

The mind can even lie

Especially for the girl in the mirror.

So bring it on, world

I'm ready for you

And I'll try my best not to be

The girl in the mirror