My Prayer

Dear god

Why am I alive

I deserve

to die so much

I've ripped my family apart

And now it's my fault gain

Please god let me die

I don't care how

Just please let me go

I've tried so hard

To make it work

But it wont so please

Just let me die

Dear god

Why am I here

My purpose can't be destruction

Just please give me up

I'm ready to die

Don't keep me here

In this torture filled world

Don't make me stay

I know I'm unwanted

I'm sorry for any sins

Just let me go

Dear god

Where is heaven

I know I'll never see it

I deserve death

So just give it to me please

I'll cut and I'll cut

Let the blood run down

I'll throw and I'll throw

Till there's nothing left

So please god

Heres my prayer

Let me die.