At the beginning, nothing existed within the plain of men. Soon Angels looked down upon the plane and took pity upon the barren land one by one, angels gathered to each planet and created life upon the land.

My name is Nareen I am child of the third planet to be made, its name is Farshor. At first this planet seemed to be all that the angels wanted life to be like, but as time passed things changed. Darkness fell upon my land and brought with it violent wars. As people fought the darkness got inside them and swallowed them consuming their souls making them nothing more than mindless slaves. As the Darkness grew it formed into a physical being, its name was Locaron (lock-air-on). The Shadow monster sat at the throne and ruled over his darkened slaves.

The angels peered down at what he had done to their beloved planet and decided to start again. They created it thousands of stellar systems away and looked down on it with fondness. They chose Marcete, Carcon, Tarchus, Sakene, and Parmeleame for the job of making this small planet work in peace. Each used their talents to start the world in their own way from knowledge to guidance around its star. This planet they found was perfect in every way except the fact it was missing one essential kea component every planet needs, life.

The Angels knew of only one place to gain this gift of life and it was on their first beloved planet, Farshor. They searched over the whole planet for a single person that was not consumed by the darkness and they found what they were looking for. A small refugee camp was able to hide from Lacaron and keep pure in heart and soul. They spotted a small child that was completely pure of the world, me, and took her as the guiding light of life in the new world.

Unfortunately for the angels Lacaron was watching there movements closely and knew all about the New planet. A planet without darkness meant that he would lose power and hold on his domain. In a hope to keep a hold of his power Lacaron took hold of my shadow and held to it so he would be brought to the new words as well. As he held to my shadow it poisoned me, started a deadly strain for darkness in my veins. The angels took notice of my illness as they set me upon the new planet, but by then it was too late. Lacaron stole away into the shadows of the planet and watched and laughed at the angels for being fools.

The angles took care in making me comfortable as they looked for the cure for this poison. As I look around I know what I will name this small planet. I will give it a homely warm name that will bring hope to the people, Hearth. As my life fades I watch life come to the planet and I know that this was my true destiny, to die upon the planet giving it my purity in life. Yes, Larcaron dwells on the surface but he is no match for the hope and joy the people will have.

I write this as a story of history to tell into generations that darkness is here and it dwells in each of us but that is no reason to give up hope. With this knowledge I give you, you may learn how to stay pure of heart and mind so you to may be able to talk and see the angels that guide and protect you to this very day. With this I will rest for my last and final time.

Keep Hope,