The air was calm with the sweet scent of crisped leaves fluttering along the ground when the occasional wind picked up. Mr. Braché was sitting on a bench in the Wood Shire National Park where he had shared so many memories with his son, Jacob. Jacob looked just like his mother and father combined. He had black hair, brown eyes, and medium toned. Mr. Braché would look up from time to time watching his eight year old boy play in the sand box with another boy and girl.

"Jacob, bring the sand scooper over here."

"And what do you think that will do?" a boy named Jesse asked Chelese, his younger sister.

"It will help put more sand in the bucket," Chelese answered.

"Here it is, Chels." Jacob handed over the scooper. Jacob had only just met the brother and sister today when he was sitting by himself and he could already tell the two did not get along. When he met the blonde, light toned girl she seemed to be around his age and was really nice, very nice that she asked if she could play with him, Jacob was over joyed to have company now. When they were telling each other their names, that's when an older boy, about the age of a teen Jacob observed, came over.

"Hey cheese brain, is this kid bothering you?" a boy with blonde hair just like the girl asked.

"No, we were fine until you showed up. This is my big brother Jesse." Returning her attention to Jacob.

"Uhh, hi Chelese's big brother." Jacob stuttered.

"I have a name if you don't remember. What's yours?" Jesse leaned down toward Jacob to look him in the eye.

"Ja-Jacob, sir."

"Ha! I like this kid. You see cheese brain, you should be more like him."

"Call me Chels! Or I'll knock you out, that goes for both of you!"

"Whatever cheese brain."

Jacob wondered what it would be like if he had a little sister to pick on too. An icily feeling washed over him and it felt as though someone was standing right behind him. Jacob spun around only to find bushes and leaves. He turned back around and the thought of a little sister left him completely, not once reentering his mind.

Mr. Braché watched Jacob turn away from the trees and peered over to them, to see what was so interesting when he heard his name called several times.

"Hey Dave over here. Nice weather were having uh?" A man wearing a black suit and tie walked over to Mr. Braché.

"Hello Michael, I didn't expect to see you out here." As the two colleagues talked the sky became cloudy threatening to unleash a storm.

"I think its time to depart now, really out of all days today had to become nasty," Michael grumbled.

"Well it was good to see you. I'll be at work tomorrow no doubt." Just as Mr. Braché was getting up a bloodcurdling scream was sent out through the air. Chelese bent over holding onto her bleeding arm, steadily murmuring into her brother's ear.

"Chelese what happened?" A woman with brown hair rushed over to her children along side came their father as well.

"It was that no good little kid Chels and I were with. One minute he was playing and the next he had this murderous look in his eyes, then he attacked us and took off in to the woods." Jesse explained.

"Are you his father?" Jesse's mother asked Mr. Braché. Mr. Braché looked down at the kids then turned around and called his wife and the police.

An hour later

"A crazed look in his eyes? You don't think-it couldn't be-no not again."

Mrs. Braché buried her face into her husband's arms. After apologizing to Chelese and her family, talking to the police and explaining the situation and what their son looked like, a search team was issued to look for the boy.

"Yes I think it's the same thing, but could we have been wrong?"

"Dave, I just want my son back!" sobbed Mrs. Braché. "I don't care what it was years ago; I just want my Jacob back." Mr. Braché held onto Mrs. Braché as they continued to look.

A few hours later

It was 10:48pm and it was pitch black outside. The search for the eight year old Jacob Braché still continued for another ten minutes.

"Ma'am," a search party member informed the Braché's. "I think we should continue looking for him in the morning. We'll be sure to-"

"We found him!"

"He's over here. Quick someone help him," the Braché's ran over to find their son lying on the ground surrounded by several wolves. They were licking his face and piled on top of him. When one of them saw the humans he growled, soon the others were growling along with him and they created a barrier around Jacob.

The adults jumped back. "Jacob! Jacob! Wake up!" Mrs. Braché screamed.

"Please ma'am. You're just scaring them more."

"Keep quiet," a second person said. Mrs. Braché covered her mouth.

The animals hair raised and they shed their fangs. The mundanes took another step back. Still standing their ground the wolves went back to shielding Jacob.

The biggest search and rescue member pushed his way to the front and brought out a long stick from his back. "This ain't nothing. Get along little wolfies." He shooed them away ignoring their gruffs in complaint. When Jacob was cleared one of the men picked him up and handed him over the Mr. Braché.

"Come on, let's get him home." Mr. Braché spoke in a calm voice despite his worry for his son, wife and himself.

Jacob woke up in his bed with a wet cloth on his head. In the other room he could hear his parents talking in hushed, quickened tones. He couldn't make out what they were saying so he eased off the bed and tiptoed to the door. He opened the door and leaned his head out just so he understood a few words.

"What if he…same thing as before? And the wolves…sign…" his mother sounded upset and worried. Mom is sounding strange, something's wrong. Mom. Dad, what's going on? Help me!

"We won't…happen. In the past…gone."

"No…ever gone…she…come back." Jacob's head throbbed as he went back to bed and forgot all about his parent's conversation. Jacob thought his parents would be more worried for him now because of the incident but his mother only began to be more distant with her son and his father became more secretive and was hardly around.