Chapter Ten

He Came Running Down the Mountain

Friday Night

Jacob already knew it wouldn't be scary with bloody ghosts and screeching banshees, but he still needed to go; besides he helped put this together. He was walking on the sidewalk thinking about the party when there was a rustling sound. It was probably just the wind blowing against the trees. Don't know why I'm so jumpy all of a sudden. Jacob thought but kept going. Crack. Okay, this time that was so not the wind. Jacob turned toward the bushes.

"Show yourself.'' Jacob said, but nothing happened. All seemed still. Jacob slowly eased back to the sidewalk then proceeded but with open ears listening to any further sounds. A few minutes passed by, Jacob had calmed down from his reaction with the bushes. He was almost at the party, it was just two blocks away. There was a faint rustling sound behind him. Jacob spun around gazing for the source of the noise. "That's it, whose there?'' Jacob roared. "Come out you coward!''

"I'm not the one you should be calling a coward,'' someone snarled from some distance ahead. There from behind a tree one solid blue eye gleamed. Next a paw with grayish black hair forming a leg came out. Soon another leg appeared from behind the tree. There after immersed the head, almost as big as his body. Jacob stared as a wolf stepped from the tree. "You should be more careful at whom you yell at." The wolf declared. Jacob was about to reply back when he came to his senses.

"Oh I get it; it's an animatronic, at first it looked so real," half talking to himself. It has to be fake. Then a horrid idea came to mind. What if this is the shadow that I've been chasing around. No that's ridiculous.

"No machine would ever be able to compare to me or have the abilities that I possess." He seemed to be thinking really hard about something, and then he got himself together. "You are very distinctive. Others would have run by now."

"Wait, how can you talk if you're real?" Jacob inquired.

"A very good question. Now Jacob, if you would be so kind." He started to get lower to the ground, then Jacob realized he was about to attack him. "Don't move a muscle!" The wolf leaped into the air and knocked Jacob over! He fell with a hard thump, and then pushed the wolf to the side.

"Get off of me!" Jacob stuttered. "Who are you?" Rolling over onto his feet as ice cold blood dripped to the ground.

"That's not your business to know," came the retorted reply. "Now hold still!" The wolf again jumped at Jacob but this time he started nipping at his legs with drooling blood and spit hanging off his gums. Jacobs's legs smelled of a foul, musty stench of blood. The beast was only playing with him; Jacob could see soon he would go for the kill. One last bite in the leg, blood gushing out from one spot below the knee; as the wolf begin to make his final strike into the boys leg Jacob swooped at his head with the back of his hand knocking the creature to the side.

Holding back the urge to scream out loud with pain, Jacob took off down the street. With every step he took the more the brutal agonizing pain increased. Jacob ignored the pain and kept focus on getting away from the wolf, trying to keep himself from screaming out from the boiling pressure within him. The wolf recovered from the blow Jacob gave him and was now after him. Jacob thought there was something different about the wolf's fur, the color it seemed to be lighter than before, almost like a redish fur coat but with white doting along the wolfʼs back. Jacob was already a block away from the wolf but he will soon be right behind him.

Jacob started moving a little faster blocking out more of the pain but he knew that the soars would only hurt more later if he continued like this. The wolf was gaining on him, coming closer and closer. He could hear the deafening heavy breathing of the wolf dragging his swollen body toward Jacob. At first the injured boy started to lose hope, thinking that he wouldn't find shelter in time, but then a miracle happened. Jacob began to hear noises, without thinking clearly, he thought it was his head ringing and that his time was up.

But then he took a slow and steady breath while still running. My breathing does not seem to hurt, he thought. I can't just die here, not now, what would happen when people notice I'm missing? What will my parents say when…? No because I won't, I have to keep moving. But this noise, it sounds like music. Jacob then realized that it was noises coming from outside his head. It was music not noise coming from the party he was going to. Jacob now filled with more hope picked up his speed but so did the wolf.

The wolf sensed the boy moving faster and forewarned himself that something was wrong. Gaining speed the wolf caught up quickly with Jacob who was just at the front door of George's house. Jacob stopped running, turned around and steadily moved backwards so he could see the wolf coming. The wolf, about twenty feet in front of him now, stood there teeth bare, growling and ready to fight again. Jacob didn't know how anyone else would help him if he explained his story and scars. But he knew he had to try.

Blood dripping from his hands and deep cuts running down his legs slowing him down, Jacob turned and sprinted into the house as the wolf charged toward him. Just a few more steps and I'm home free, or in this case, wolf free. In delight of seeing the house Jacob quickened his steps. Twelve more steps, eight… Jacob stole a glance at the wolf; he too was moving quicker than before despite his soars. Four more steps to go. Jacob pushed open Georges front door. It was already ajar for people to just walk in. Clumsy George you saved my life!

Jacob practically jumped in to the door way. Sighing in relief as he just noticed that he was holding his breath, Jacob was safe from the wolf from being his play toy. Those last seconds seemed like minutes! I can't believe I made it in almost one piece. Who knew how hard it was to get to a house party. He made it into the party and was now safe from the beast. The wolf growling still but now with disappointment didn't dare follow him in. Instead he stared at his freed prey and disappeared into the night. A sigh came from Jacob; I thought I wouldn't make it. Jacob wobbled through the hallway from the door toward the crowd where everyone else was celebrating.

I don't know if I can make it up the stairs without falling them. Besides that will just track my blood all over the place. Also the upstairs bathroom is the last door; I'll just have to try the one down here. The problem with the downstairs bathroom was that it meant Jacob having to go through the living room to get to it. I can't stand here forever if that wolf didn't kill me, my excessive lose of blood will!

He dragged his bloody, grotesque right leg behind him, while his left leg led the way, because of its less intensity of pain. Finally Jacob reached the noisy crowd; lights were beaming down from everywhere. As Jacob entered the room, everyone was staring at him. The host of the party came forth and looked at the bloody boy with astonishment.

"Wow, Jacob, great zombie costume and I like the fake blood bit," George commented. Oh, I just remembered I'm not even in a costume. "I should have been that." Thanks George you should really tell the wolf that, he helped me with my scars.

"Believe me I put my sweat and blood into this," Jacob answered sarcastically.