"You want to know why I hate Mondays so much?" I asked my best friend River when he arrived at my locker on Monday morning.

"Not really but I'm sure you're going to enlighten me." He replied with a chuckle.

"Less of the sarcasm would do Davies. It's just how everyone is so moody on a Monday. Everyone walks around like they've got a stick stuck up their arse and no one smiles. It makes everyone feel bad." I continued to get stuff out of my locker, waiting for River to reply again.

"I totally agree with you. What do you reckon; we could make Mondays a bit more fun? Let of a stink bomb? Stick the pages of the teachers textbook together?" I admired River. He always knew what I was thinking. But sometimes his ideas were too small time.

"I was thinking more, start a strike; to get rid of moody Mondays. Show everyone how much trouble they cause when they walk around frowning." River smiled and I returned it.

"You, my little Shorty, are a genius. I knew there was a reason we were best friends."

"Oh yeah about that… I don't want to be your best friend anymore," I said slyly, smiling.

"Oh how you wound me Shorty. Please don't leave me; my heart won't beat again." River grabbed my hand and held it to his heart, trying not to laugh. I couldn't stop myself. I burst out laughing and wrapped my arms around his stomach.

"You know I love you River." I mumbled into his shirt.

"Oh I know. I love you to Shorty." He kissed the top of my head and I grinned. Then someone cleared their throat behind us. I turned in Rivers arm to see my brother and his group of friends. Including a sour faced Cade. He stared long and hard at River and I resisted rolling my eyes when I noticed River staring back, just as coldly. Stupid boys trying to be tougher than the other. I shook my head.

"Anything you wanted dearest brother of mine?" I asked sweetly, looking at Connor.

"I've got practise after school so Cade's taking you home." He said with shrug of his shoulders and he turned and walked away, with his group trailing after him, except for Cade. He stayed. Still staring coldly at River who stood close by my side.

"Why aren't you going to practise?" I asked him. He still didn't look at me.

"Because my girl needs a lift home and I'm the one to do it." He said, making it clear to River what he was thinking. Don't get me wrong, River was a tough guy. Tall, lean, broad shoulders, and muscles to die for, but Cade was just…more. Whereas River was cute and sweet, Cade was dark and mysterious and just utterly alluring. And chances were Cade would always win in a fight against River. And River wasn't stupid.

"I'm going to go to class; I'll see you at lunch Shorty. We'll plan everything then." He said with a wink and turned away, after giving Cade a look I had never seen before.

When he left Cade smiled down at me.

"Seriously? You notice me now?" I asked him. He shook his head and pulled me towards him, gently placing his lips on my own in a sweet, short kiss.

"I always notice you; I just happen to notice other guys hugging you as well. And what are you and him planning? Don't go doing something stupid Boo; you only just got over that flu, you don't need any more aggro." The coldness in his eyes returned when he spoke of other guys with me.

"Are you seriously not over the jealousy of River? He's my best friend Cade; but nothing would ever happen with him; you know that. And we aren't going to get in trouble, I promise." I said exasperatedly. Cade entwined our fingers and pulled me towards him.

"I know! I know! It just sucks that he's your best friend. Everyone loves him. And I hate sharing. You're mine." He pushed his lips onto mine and we stayed there for a while, just kissing. Then I pulled away.

"You have to go to practise," I said. Cade shook his head and growled somewhere low in his throat.

"I have to get you home…" He whispered, putting his lips back to mine. I kissed him lightly and then pulled away again.

"Seriously, you can't just not go to football training because I need a ride home." I told him. He tried to pull me towards him again but I stood my ground. He groaned.

"If I don't take you home who will?" He asked.

"River, Jake, Matt, Luke, Danny, Dodger, Chris, Rob. The list continues." I answered. Cade growled.

"You have any idea how much I hate that all your friends are guys?" He asked me. I smiled.

"The operative word being friends there Cade. You know you're the only guy I want." Cade dropped his scowl and smiled.

"I love you, you know that?" He questioned.

"I love you more," I told him and he shook his head.

"Not possible," he whispered as he kissed me again. When we finally pulled away from each other it was when we were both trying to catch our breath. And the bell rang.

I leant up and kissed Cade's cheek before whispering in his ear, "go to practice; River will take me home." Before walking off so I didn't have to listen to his protests.

I found River at lunch, sitting at our usual table. I slid into the seat next to him and he grinned at me.

"Hey Shorty, ready to do some creative planning?"He asked.

"You read my mind! I've been thinking; all we got to do is make a couple signs and then pull the fire alarm, so everyone comes outside and see's them." I smiled.

"And then we go down in history as the coolest people on earth that got rid of Moody Mondays!" River finished for me.

"Exactly!" River stood up and put his bag on his shoulders before grabbing my hand.

"Come on then, they got to be ready for next period!" He began dragging me out of the lunch hall, laughing all the way. Until we ran past Cade.

"Whoa! Where are you going?" He asked, looking between me and River. I went to answer but River beat me to it.

"We've got stuff to do," he told Cade.

"And what stuff concerns you dragging my girlfriend down the hall?" Cade questioned his tone low and dangerous.

"Best friend stuff, you wouldn't understand. And Shorty's not just your girlfriend Thomas; she's her own person." River shot at him, angrily. Cade stepped forward and grabbed my hand, causing River to hold on tighter.

"Let go of her…now." Cade growled.

"Make me," River tried. Apparently he had grown some balls recently.

"Don't tempt me Morris." Cade told him. I could see where this was going… a trip to the nurse's office for a bloody nose and black eye.

"Cade, we've got something to do okay? He wasn't taking me somewhere against my will and I'm fine okay?" Cade turned to look at, as if he'd forgotten I was there.

"Boo, just come eat lunch with me okay? Just stay with me. Don't go and do something silly." It wasn't really a question, more like a plea.

"Cade, I'm busy. I'll see you later okay? Please don't be mad about this, we've spoke about it." I told him. He hesitated for a minute, before letting go of my hand and nodding his head.

"No trouble right? Promise me," He said, sternly.

"I promise." I said with a nod of my head. He smiled a little and dipped his head to kiss me. He made it extra-special good, but for some reason I thought it was more because River was still holding my arm than the fact he just wanted to kiss me. Then he left towards the hall and River continued to pull me to the art rooms.

When we were there we got to work on the signs we needed for our master plan. "Pass the red paint, would ya?" I asked River. He pushed the pot over to me and continued painting his sign. I sighed, "Are you going to carry on being an ass and not talk to me or what?" I wondered.

"I hate him Shorty, and even I know that hates a strong word." I shook my head.

"He's a good guy River." I told him.

"No he's not, you just think he is. I don't get why you ever agreed to go out with him. I mean, he's so boring all the time, always trying to take care of you and treating you like some fragile little doll that can't have fun." River spat.

"He cares about me Riv; he doesn't want me to get hurt." I said.

"I care about you but I don't wrap you in cotton wool do i? I still let you live life and have a laugh." River replied.

"I love the both of you River, you know that okay? You both care about me in different ways and I love both of you for it." I said, putting an end to the conversation at hand.

"Okay then, forget anything was said okay? My signs done, what about yours?" In answer I held my sign up to show him. He nodded his head in approval.

"So we're both clear on the plan of action right? You take the signs up the tree; I pull the alarm; I run like I've never ran before; you pull me into the tree and then whilst everyone is coming out of the building we raise awareness of Moody Mondays. Got it?" I asked him. He nodded his head.

"Got it. Let the campaign commence." River got up just as the bell to signal the beginning of fifth lesson sounded. I couldn't contain the smile on my face as he grabbed the signs and left to the tree.

I waited for five minutes, when the hallways were silent before I moved towards the alarm closest to the field. I took a deep breath and broke it with my hand and it started to bleed. Damn… I didn't think that through. The alarm started to ring and I ran like Usain Bolt all the way to where River was bending down in the tree to grab my hand. He pulled me up and then looked at my hand.

"Shit Shorty! What the fuck were you thinking?" He asked grabbing my hand.

"When have I ever thought before I did something River? I'll be fine… look people are coming out!" I squealed in delight as I saw a wave of people beginning to come out of the buildings. We waited for them to draw closer before starting our chants.

"Say goodbye to Moody Monday's! Smile on Monday's! Say goodbye to Moody Monday's! Smile on Monday's!" We waved our signs above our heads and grinned like idiots when we heard our schoolmates laughing at our antics.

"Miss Davidson! Mr. Morris! Are the two of you responsible for this?!" Our headmaster called up to us.

"Moody Monday's shall be no more!" River shouted and everyone laughed, crowding around the tree to see us.

"Get down right now!" Mr Collins shouted.

"Smile sir! No more being Moody on Monday's!" I called down to him.

"I am not going to warn the two of you again! Get down now, I've had enough of your antics!" I couldn't help laughing and River seemed to agree as he joined in with me.

"Stop that laughing or I shall come and get you!" Mr Collins threatened, causing River and I to laugh harder.

"Come on then sir, we are always looking for more campaigners!" River grinned. I laughed uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face, clutching at my stomach. This was the funniest prank we had ever pulled. The crowd around the tree moved slightly, and Connor and Cade reached the base of the tree.

"For goodness sake Tenley… you fucking promised me you weren't going to do something stupid." I stopped laughing; Cade very rarely called me Tenley, only if he was severely pissed off with me. I looked at him and I saw all the disappointment and worry in his face.

"Get down Tenley… now." I just nodded my head, unable to refuse when he used my real name. I grasped the branch to my side and began lowering myself down to the branches below me. When I was sure my feet were safely on the next branch I let go off the base of the tree and began bending down, grabbing at the base of the tree. The bark stung my hand, where I had smashed the glass earlier, and I pulled it away sharply… and I lost my footing. I tried to grab onto the nearest thing to me but my hands were clutching at empty air. I looked up at River, whose eyes were wide as he tried to reach my hands.

"Tenley!" Cade and Connor shouted at the same time, as I felt myself falling.

Maybe this wasn't the funniest prank ever.

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