I lay in bed, thinking about my friend being in a coma. It is the early morning. I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands and I see myself in the mirror. I look thin and pale. My blue eyes look tired. My whole face looks tired.

With no energy, I slowly turn the faucet, and that's when I screamed in fright and backed away. Instead of water, there was red liquid coming out. I knew it was blood, and I knew it was Charlotte's blood. I kept shrieking. I kept staring at the blood, every part of Charlotte going down the drain, waiting to be used by other people. No, Charlotte was mine. Only mine.

Still screaming, my fingers pulled at the drain, not knowing what I was doing, but knowing I had to get Charlotte back. I pulled, I hit the bottom of the sink, until my blood was mixed with her blood, and for a moment we were entangled together again. My tears were the only water that went into the sink.

"Do you think people can come back to life?" I asked Sara. We were sitting together at lunch in school, and she gave me a weird look. "What?" she asked. At our table all our other friends were busy chatting to each other. "Never mind," I said. I picked at my pasta with my fork.

"Oookay," Sara said. She went back to eating her hotdog then Jess engaged her in their conversation. Now I was left alone with my thoughts of spirits, Charlotte, and guilt.